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Top 10 YouTubes of 2020

It’s time for my annual posting of the Top 10 YouTube Videos of the Year (see last year’s list here). This ranking is totally unscientific, and there’s actually more than 10 videos this time (13 to be exact). Only one person was polled to compile this list—yours truly. This year’s slate of videos has both humor and humanity with some other odds and ends thrown in. If you think I’ve left something out, let me know. I’ll think about adding an “Honorable Mention” category at the bottom.

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“Can’t Touch This,” COVID-19 edition

We will always remember 2020 for one thing, won’t we? But maybe we can remember this too.

Obi Don Kenobi

We will also remember 2020 as the final year of President Trump’s presidency. Who knows? He may run again in 2024. Even though the very suggestion is polarizing, surely we can all agree that the impressions have been epic. Amiright?

Cage-Stage Trump

Dancing Sisters

I love this video. One of the best all year. These are three dancing sisters from the Netherlands. Their names are Nora, Yarah, and Rosa. Their group name is “Let it Happen.” They have been performing for years including appearances on The Ellen Show.

Popeye’s Favorite Food? Survey says…

It’s okay, Fish

Goat Strut

Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1

During the initial COVID lockdown, John Krasinski helped us out of the doldrums with his homemade news show. Thanks, John. We loved it!

Look, Ma! No hands!

The Dadasaur Crashes Easter

My kind of humor.

Best Commercial of the Year

I think there’s something in my eye

Zoomed Out

Here’s a little ditty that was inspired by ubiquitous Zooming and Kelly Clarkson’s anthem, “Since U Been Gone.” Key line from the parody: “The feeling is gone. I hope I’ve Zoomed for the last time.” And that was only a month into the pandemic! Can you believe how long we’ve been Zooming? There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe by the Spring, we’ll be done. Fingers crossed.

Watch Your French

Thank You for this, President Bush.

“There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing.” -Proverbs 12:18

Gospel Bassist

Nice stank face! His face looks like mine when I lift weights. Seriously though, this kid is 9-years old, and he’s a phenome!

How The Year Began

The year ended so differently than it began in more ways than one. In January, LSU fielded what is arguably the best national championship team of all time. By December, LSU’s football program had fallen into the abyss and faced a losing season for the first time in 20 years. They rallied in the end with wins over Florida and Ole Miss for a 5-5 finish. They also appear to have a stellar recruiting class. But still, we’ll never forget 2020, will we?