Top 10 YouTubes of 2010

It’s time for my annual posting of the Top 10 YouTube Videos of the Year (see last year’s list here). This ranking is totally unscientific. Only one person was polled to compile this list–yours truly. Except for a handful, the videos are mostly humorous ones. If you think I’ve left something out, let me know. I’ll think about adding it to the “Honorable Mention” category. Here’s the count down from number 10 to the number 1 video of 2010.

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10. Trick Play

9. Hallelujah!

Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus moves me like no other piece of music, so I love this video. The video above was taped on October 30, 2010. In it, you will see a 650 person choir infiltrate Macy’s in New York City. There is an organ in the store already playing holiday music when the choir breaks out and surprises everyone. It’s really great.

8. Darth Vader on Your GPS

“Please take the third exit on the round-abound.” Hilarious. Big hat-tip to Kevin DeYoung.

7. Candidate for Stark County Treasurer

Well, he’s passionate!

6. The Tebow Superbowl Ad

If you missed the Tebow ad during the Superbowl, here it is. Believe me, it was missable. The message was so understated and Tebow’s part in it was so short, that I’m guessing most viewers probably didn’t even know what it was about.

And so the “Tebow Dust-up of 2010” goes into the history books not as a hyper-politicized pro-life smack-down, but as an understated pro-family short. The feminist groups that lobbied to have CBS pull the ad have to be feeling a little bit silly today. Their overreaction in advance of the game now looks pretty extreme in retrospect. And that is probably the most notable result of this whole spectacle. At the end of the day, pro-life Tebow looks really big, and his pro-abortion critics look really small.

5. Swagger Wagon

Love these Toyota Sienna commercials.

4. Killer Marriage Tips

Having difficulty with your spouse over finances or communication? Then this is the video for you. Gary Smalley has teamed up with Johnny and Chachi to give us some “Killer Marriage Tips.”

3. Nothing but Net

You’re not going to believe this shot. With this last second heave, the Florida Gators defeat North Carolina State in overtime. Unbelievable.

2. Bold Brit

Brit Hume shocked a Fox News panel and the nation with these words to Tiger Woods:

“Whether he can recover as a person depends on his faith. He’s said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.'”

1. Intruder song

This video was to 2010 what the Wedding Dance video was to 2009. It was the YouTube hit of the year. Antoine Dodson had his 15 minutes and bequeathed to us a modern day classic.


Benny Hinn – The Dark Lord of the Sith

Killer Youth Ministry Tips

Killer Youth Ministry Tips from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

Johnny and Chachi have a new video out with some “Killer Youth Ministry Tips.” Once again, here’s more sage advice from two unbelievably competent dudes. It also has some wiggidy-whacked CGI in it.

Double Dream Hands

Acts29 Rap at 2010 SBC

A bit of comic relief followed the long and arduous session debating the GCR Task Force Report at the Southern Baptist Convention. Many of the messengers were leaving the hall when this happened, but I was there and heard the whole thing. An SBC messenger came to a microphone and offered a motion to affirm the Acts29 church planting network. But this wasn’t just any motion. This guy offered it in the form of a rap. After he finished making the motion, the chair called for a second, and the place erupted with seconds. I think everyone appreciated the light moment. The motion was subsequently ruled out of order.

Christian Hosoi — I am second

About a year ago, I found out about the conversion of one of my childhood heroes–Christian Hosoi (read about it here). He was a professional skateboarder, and I thought he was the best in the world. He was big-time in the 80’s, but the 90’s were a different story. He got all strung-out on drugs and eventually landed in jail. But that wasn’t the end of his story. Hear the rest of the story in the “I Am Second” video above.

I think it’s amazing how the Lord works. For Hosoi, the text God used to quicken his heart was 1 Kings 2:1-9–the story of David’s exhortation to Solomon as David lay on his deathbed.

Dad Life

This is kind of like “Swagger Wagon” redux with a focus on dad. I like the guy on the John Deere. He’s hard.

Animal Drummer

You don’t see this much anymore, but what this drummer is doing used to be pretty big with the 80’s hair bands. This guy, however, has hair like Jerry Lee Lewis, and he kind of dresses like him too. File this one under “vintage spectacle.” It’s a classic.

Flash Mob at Ohio State

The Free-throw That Died (almost)

Errbody in the Church Helpin’ Lottie!

For my Southern Baptist readers: This one actually came out in late 2009, but I didn’t discover it until early 2010. So here it is.


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