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Boyce College student is stabbed and forgives attacker

I was coming out of a movie theater on Sunday evening when I received word that one of our students at Boyce College, Joshua Lewis, was stabbed while on the job delivering pizzas. It just so happens that Joshua was making a delivery to a local hospital. For that reason, he was able to get immediate medical attention for a collapsed lung after the attack. Obviously, our entire campus has been concerned for this brother, who is in stable condition now and posting updates to Facebook. Continue Reading →


Ryan Anderson says Kennedy may rule against redefining marriage

Ryan Anderson went on Bill Bennet’s radio program today and said that he believes Kennedy may rule against redefining marriage (listen above). In Anderson’s own words:

I went in thinking that Kennedy might have already made up his mind and Kennedy might be inclined to strike down these laws. I came out thinking Kennedy hasn’t made up his mind. And there’s a good chance that Kennedy’s going to be inclined to uphold the male-female marriage definition.

I would like to let myself believe that Anderson is correct, but I am still very skeptical. Yes, Kennedy asked some tough questions. But Kennedy has written two landmark opinions in favor of gay rights–Lawrence (2003) and Windsor (2013). In the latter case, he specifically attributed opposition to gay marriage to irrational animus. I just don’t see how he walks that back at this point. Even though he asked tough questions in oral arguments, I’m skeptical that he will now overturn his gay rights legacy and nullify precedents that he himself wrote.

Again, I hope I’m wrong about this. Nothing would make me happier than for Anderson to be right!


Brief Reflections on the Oral Arguments

Before yesterday’s oral arguments on gay marriage at the Supreme Court, I had contended that the Court’s decision was pretty much a foregone conclusion. I predicted that by the end of June, the Court would rule gay marriage to be a Constitutional right. Now that the case is in, I have listened to all of the arguments made by attorneys on both sides of the question. I have also listened to the Justices’ grilling of those attorneys, and I can say this. I am no Constitutional scholar, but I heard nothing today that would alter my original prediction. The Court will ensconce a Constitutional right to gay marriage. Continue Reading →


Transcript and Audio of Supreme Court same-sex marriage case

Below are the audio and transcripts of oral arguments made in the same-sex marriage case heard by the Supreme Court today (Obergefell v. Hodges). Justices heard each side present arguments in answer to two questions:

1. Does the 14th Amendment require states to issue marriage licenses to two people of the same sex?

2. Does the 14th Amendment require states to recognize same-sex marriages licensed in other states?

The Court will render a ruling on these questions by the end of June. In the meantime, you can listen to or read the arguments from both sides below. Continue Reading →


The aftermath of the iconic image of the OKC bombing

The image from the Oklahoma City bombing that is etched in all our memories is the picture of that firefighter carrying the lifeless body of a 1-year old girl from the ruins of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The little girl’s name was Baylee Almon, and the firefighter Chris Fields had no idea their picture was being taken as he brought her up from the rubble. Nevertheless, that single image captured the scope of the tragedy and became the focal point for Americans trying to understand the horror of that day.

USA Today reports that the lives of nearly everyone connected with that photo were in turmoil after its release: Continue Reading →


The six daycare survivors from Oklahoma City bombing

I can hardly believe that we are about to mark 20 years since the Oklahoma City bombing, but tomorrow is the day. Much of the country has moved on, but there are survivors who are still living with the results of that day’s catastrophe. The six survivors from the daycare are among them. The video above and the caption below tell their story. From the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum:

The six survivors from the America’s Kids Daycare don’t remember the explosion that killed 15 of their playmates. But they will never forget how the Oklahoma City bombing changed their lives forever. All of them are moving forward, some in college, some in the workforce, all grateful for the gift of life.

These are precious lives. So grateful for each one of them.


Why do reports conceal radicalism of the pro-choice side?

I noticed two separate articles this week about abortion that have a basic error of fact regarding abortion law in the United States. This wouldn’t be surprising if didn’t appear on the websites of our nation’s two leading newspapers—The New York Times and The Washington Post. What’s amazing is that the two reports make the identical error.

NY Times – April 7, 2015: I came across this one earlier this week in The New York Times report on the new Kansas law restricting dismemberment abortions. Erick Eckholm and Frances Robles erroneously report that abortion rights in this country end at 24-weeks of pregnancy. Here’s a screenshot: Continue Reading →


“Boycott Indiana” social-media mob closes Christian-owned pizza shop

I would have thought this was an April Fool’s joke if I hadn’t seen it on Rod Dreher’s site. But this is no joke.

A small town pizza shop owned by Christians in Indiana is having to close its doors because of threats from the #BoycottIndiana crowd. Why? You’re not going to believe this.

A local news station went trolling local businesses to see if any of them agreed with Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The reporters found the Memories Pizza shop and interviewed the owner and his daughter (see video above). The owner and his daughter said that they would serve anyone who came into their pizza shop—gay, straight, or otherwise. Continue Reading →


The Abortion Spa: Rebranding Infanticide

What do abortionists do when they are losing the abortion argument? When their “blob of cells” trope has collapsed under the moral weight of ultrasound images? When everyone can now see that the humanity of the unborn is as plain as the nose on their face? What do they do? They double-down on deception.

In what will no doubt be the most disgusting thing you read today, The Washington Post reports on an “abortion spa” that has opened up in the “tony” neighborhood of Friendship Heights in Washington, D.C. The point of the facility is to destigmatize abortion by providing a spa-like experience to women seeking to end the lives of their unborn children. From the report: Continue Reading →


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