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Teachers Forced to Conceal Students’ Gender Transition from Parents

Last Fall, I counseled briefly with a young school teacher in California. He had just finished his teacher in-service training for the new school year. Administrators instructed all teachers that—according to state law—all teachers must affirm the gender transitions of their students. That means using their preferred pronouns and transgender names and allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice. Even worse, the state also requires teachers to conceal a child’s gender transition from his parents. If a teacher ever talks to a parent, he must deceive the parents by using the child’s birthname and pronouns to conceal from the parents what their child is doing at school. Administrators warned teachers that refusal to keep the parents in the dark can result in a teacher losing his teaching license.

Make no mistake. If parents get in the way of a child’s transition, transgender ideologues have no problem whatsoever with cutting parents out of the equation. Nor do they have problems with forcing state employees (teachers!) to do their dirty work.

My home state is Louisiana, the deep South, supposedly the reddest of red states. And yet even there just this week, legislators are having to move a bill to make it illegal for teachers to hide a child’s gender transition from their parents. Why? Because activists and ideologues in the state are pushing the very same policies that have been adopted in California and elsewhere. I’m posting the videos below so that you can see and hear for yourself what they are saying. So many of these people seem unwell, and yet they are driving an enormous social experiment that is destroying the lives of vulnerable children.

We have to look this thing full-on in the face because children’s lives are at stake. Sacrificing the healthy bodies of minor children on the altar of transgender ideology is simply unconscionable. I can hardly believe that some states are trying to conceal this trauma from a child’s parents. This must end.

Watch every one of these videos below, and ask yourself if you want the wishes of these activists to come true. If you don’t, then use your democratic privileges—your vote and your voice—to make sure that they don’t.

This is not a drill. The time to act is now.