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    Praise and Prayer for Kanye

    Over the weekend, I had a chance to listen to Kanye West’s new album and to watch some interviews with him. It’s an amazing thing to watch because everything I’ve seen points to a radical conversion to Jesus Christ. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last week, Kimmel asks West, “Would you consider yourself to be a Christian music artist now?” West responds, “I’m just a Christian everything.” That is certainly clear in the lyrics of West’s new album “Jesus is King.” The track “Selah” has a line that gets to the heart of West’s conversion:

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    Florist takes her case to the Supreme Court… again

    If you aren’t familiar with Barronelle Stutzman’s case, you need to be (watch above). Barronelle is a 74-year old grandmother and florist who was sued by Washington State and by the ACLU after she declined to participate in a gay wedding. She serves gay people in her store. She has even hired gay people to work in her store. But she is a Christian and cannot in good conscience lend her talents to help celebrate a gay wedding. So when a gay man whom she had served for nine years in her store asked her to participate in his gay wedding, she told him that she could not because of…

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    Women and children first? Absolutely.

    I’ve been enjoying Andrew Roberts’ recent biography of Winston Churchill titled Churchill: Walking with Destiny. The book includes a letter in which Churchill opines about the sinking of the Titanic and about how proud he was that the men on the ship put women and children onto the lifeboats first. Churchill said that the whole event “reflects nothing but honour upon our civilization.” His prose is grandiose but stirring: I cannot help feeling proud of our race and its traditions as proved by this event. Boatloads of women and children tossing on the sea safe and sound — and the rest — silence. Honour to their memory. In spite of…

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    Pro-choice semantic games: Don’t fall for them

    Thanks to two Virginia politicians and the President’s state of the union address, the country has fixed its attention on the brutality of late-term abortion. Pro-choice advocates are responding as they usually do by trying to distract everyone from the reality of abortion: Pro-choicer: “Nothing to see here, move along.” Casual observer: “But that really seems like a small person being killed in an abortion.” Pro-choicer: “You sound like you’re against women’s healthcare. And also, science.” Casual observer: “But the baby…” Pro-choicer: “Don’t you believe your lying eyes. It’s just a clump of cells… you know, because of science and stuff.” The problem for pro-choicers is that the later the…

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    Democracy Dies in Darkness: Misinformation from both Washington Post and NY Times about the President’s remarks on abortion

    President Trump just finished his state of the union address moments ago. The speech was wide-ranging, but I have to say that his remarks about abortion were the most hard-hitting that I have ever heard in a state of the union address. He exposed the Democrats’ extremism on the issue by referencing their support for late-term abortion and (as in the case of the Governor of Virginia) their support for allowing some babies to die after birth. The New York Times already has a “fact-check” posted on this part of the President’s speech, and the “fact-check” is in error. Here it is:

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    David French to lecture at Boyce College and SBTS

    David French is coming to Boyce College and Southern Seminary next week to deliver a series of lectures titled, “What Is Intersectionality? Understanding How Intersectionality and Identity Theory are Shaping College Campuses and the Nation.” Here is the where and the when of the event: Date: February 13, 2019 Time: 10am – Session 1 11am – Session 2 1:30pm – Session 3 Place: Heritage Hall (on SBTS campus) I cannot tell you how eager I am to have David on campus. He has long been one of my favorite writers and thinkers, and it is a real privilege to have him as our guest. I had the opportunity to hear…

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    Senator Ben Sasse introduces legislation to protect infants who survive abortion

    Senator Ben Sasse just delivered an impassioned statement to the United States Senate. In it, he introduced a piece of legislation and appealed to Senators to come to the floor of the Senate to pass an “Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” This is a direct response the vile remarks made by the Governor of Virginia over the last two days. Here is a rush transcript of Senator Sasse’s statement:

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    How seared is our nation’s conscience that she tolerates this cruelty?

    Two items have appeared in the news this week out of Virginia that ought to shock every decent person who sees them. Both of them involve elected officials in Virginia arguing for infanticide. And, no, I’m not being hyperbolic. I want you to see this for yourself to establish exactly what happened. First, Virginia State Delegate Kathy Tran has proposed a bill that would guarantee a right to abortion even when the mother is in the process of giving birth in the 40th week. Republican legislator Todd Gilbert pressed the point in a hearing with Tran. You can watch the exchange above or read below: Gilbert: So how late in…

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    The Incredible Adoption Story of Deland McCullough

    Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this video. Do not pass go. Do not collect two-hundred dollars. Go straight to watching this incredible story. I just finished it, and I am still reeling. Seriously, watch every bit of this. ————— NOTE: The quality of the YouTube video above isn’t that great. If you are a cable subscriber, you should be able to view a higher quality stream at the following link: “Deland McCullough.” You can read ESPN’s companion story here.