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Russell Moore talks to Anderson Cooper about Trump

Moore is right. I haven’t heard a groundswell of evangelical enthusiasm about Donald Trump’s candidacy either.


  • Scott McCauley

    Among the criteria that evangelicals should apply toward selecting a candidate to vote for, for president, how high should the candidate’s level of commitment to Christ rank? Is it wrong to weigh other factors more heavily in the decision? As an evangelical, I struggle with this.

    • Mike Dickson

      The natural law of God can be practiced by Christians and non Christians alike. I will paraphrase for simplicity. Research the scriptures and meditate on these things. The law of natural consequence or sowing and reaping. If a man does not work he does not eat. Let the one who steals stop and put his hands to work so that he may provide for his own and have extra so that he may help others in need. The companion of fools suffers harm. There are things which are risky and things foolish. The dog returns to the vomit. The point is this. Any policy which undermines these and other fundamental biblical principles IS unbiblical, even when supported by Christian republican candidates. Grace is from God. We as people extend His grace to one another and the world. We bring His truth with that. Every usurpation by well intentioned politicians to solve social ills by redistribution is a counterfeit grace done to make the heart of society feel good while sanitized of any higher purpose or satisfying the heart of God. Was the gospel advanced? This is the job of God’s people. It’s the job of government to honor natural law. I will support the person who takes concrete steps in the natural law direction. There is a great deal of pomp and lip service. We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in this.

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