Robbie George on Democrats and Planned Parenthood

After the Senate failed to defund Planned Parenthood, Robbie George explained why he had to leave the Democratic Party:

Even after pro-abortion forces gained the upper hand in the Party in the 1970s (causing me and countless others to bolt) there remained a substantial and, for a while, far from powerless “Democrats for Life” caucus. Even as an Independent (I hadn’t yet joined the Republicans), I was proud to work for the Real Bob Casey when, as governor of Pennsylvania, he was the national leader of the pro-life Democrats. We worked with Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy, former New York Governor Hugh Carey (who had returned to the fold), liberal theologian Ron Sider, Village Voice writer Nat Hentoff, and many others. But those days are gone. The Democrats today are the Party of Abortion, and nothing the abortion industry does, however heinous, and nothing its leaders say, however callous, can shake their allegiance. No Wall Street fat cat or Hollywood mogul ever had a more willing or devoted mistress.


  • Brian Holland

    Another Marxist scheme (free health care for women + reproductive rights/sex without “consequences) has led to the deaths of 55+ million innocent people who never had a chance to live. It is an epic failure on the part of the GOP that they were unable to defund PP, but at least every Senator with an R after his or her name (with one exception from Illinois- big shocker) voted in favor of defunding, while every Democrat except two voted against. There is definitely a political establishment class in DC in both parties that is corrupt and doesn’t want change, but at least in terms of ideas and principles there is a vast, and irreconcilable difference between the right and left in this country. The Dems are making it obvious for anyone who has eyes to see that they are the party that booed God at their convention for a reason.

  • buddyglass

    Casey actually voted “No” on the recent Planned Parenthood bill. Democrats Manchin and Donnelly voted “Yes”. Together they represent about 5% of the 44 Senate Democrats. Republicans Kirk and McConnell voted “No” and Lindsey Graham didn’t vote.

    It occurs to me that if bills like this are ever going to succeed the Senate needs more pro-life members, but it doesn’t really matter which party those members belong to for the purpose of passing pro-life legislation.

    It might be more feasible in some states to get a pro-life Democrat elected than a pro-life Republican. If so, then the pro-life movement should mobilize to support pro-life Democratic candidates in those states.

  • Andrew Alladin

    Complete and unmitigated sexual autonomy is the one unifying belief across today’s Democrat party – and it is the logical endpoint of secularism or atheism. If there is no God then the only thing that matters is consent. Everything else is merely ancient taboos imposed by primitive people following primitive “holy” shamans. Abortion must therefore remain completely accessible until the baby is actually delivered. Would the Born Alive Protection Act be supported by Democrats today? The medical research argument is the hook upon which abortion defenders justify complete abortion availability up to delivery. But it’s merely a cover for the real reason for abortion’s sacred status.

    The pro-life Democrats that Robbie George remembers were largely Catholic. These were New Deal Catholic Democrats that had their apex during the optimistic Kennedy years. Today’s Democrats are more enamored of the New Atheists and “Science.”

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