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The fifth undercover video of Planned Parenthood

It is hard to imagine that these undercover videos could get any worse, but they do. Each one is worse than the one before, and this fifth video is no exception. You will again see Planned Parenthood officials haggling over baby parts, admitting that they alter abortion procedures to preserve parts (which is illegal), and bragging about how much money they bring to the clinics by selling baby parts.

But what makes this video worse than what came before is footage of an 18-week baby torn from his mother’s womb. As they pick through the carnage, you see that the little hand is a human hand. The little leg is a human leg. The little eyes are human eyes. And Planned Parenthood chops them up and keeps them in the refrigerator. Then they casually discuss the best way to use those parts to beef up their bottom line. It is sickening.

Planned Parenthood will no doubt complain that these videos have been highly edited and will try to convince you not to believe your lying eyes. But there is no “context” that would mitigate the horror of this footage. This is not complicated. You will know what you are seeing.

Only the most cynical person whose conscience has been burned over by pro-abortion propaganda will conclude that the main problem is video editing. We know what this is, and after viewing this video you are responsible for this knowledge. There is no excuse for indifference at this point.


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