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Joel Osteen Apologizes for Larry King Interview

I am so very thankful to learn that Joel Osteen has apologized for the remarks that he made in his recent interview with Larry King. I wrote about the interview last week and was very disappointed with Osteen’s failure to present a clear and unambiguous declaration of the Gospel.

But he has retracted his statements in the interview and has apologized for giving the impression that there is any other way to be saved other than through Jesus Christ. You can read his apology on his website (click here to read it). Osteen writes, “I hope that you accept my deepest apology and see it in your heart to extend to me grace and forgiveness.”

I will offer Al Mohler’s response to this apology as my own: “the only proper response is to extend the very forgiveness for which he asks—and with equal humility. Other concerns can wait for another day.”


  • Rev. Billy R Douglas

    I also am very happy to see the retractment of what Mr. Osteen had to say on Larry King….I just wish that sinbce he made the statements on national television that he would also have issued his retractment on national television and not just on his web site. Untold numbers of lost people were probably watching Larry King but i would imagine that most who visit his site are already believers.

  • David

    Unfortunately, Joel Osteen repeated his denial of Christ on THE VIEW within months of his debacle and apology regarding Larry King. Sorry, I don’t believe a word the man has to say.

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