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Colt McCoy Talks about Losing BCS Championship and Idolatry

Even for me as a fan, it really stung to watch my team lose the BCS national championship. I can only imagine what it would feel like as a player.

Colt McCoy is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Brown, but two years ago he led the Texas Longhorns to the BCS title game to play against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams were undefeated, and it was a big game. It was the game that McCoy had been preparing for his whole life to play in. McCoy was driving the Longhorns down the field and looked like he was going to lead them into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. But McCoy injured his arm at the end of that first drive and had to leave the game. The Longhorns went on to lose big to the Tide. I remember the game, and it was sad to see McCoy go out like that.

Colt McCoy is a Christian, and in the video above he talks about what the loss has meant to him as a Christian now two years later. This is great stuff.

(HT: Scott Corban)


  • Bobby

    I remember watching the postgame interview with Colt McCoy and saying, “Way to go Colt!” after he talked about God being in control of his life. Very seldom I have I heard athletes respond to losing this way. How often I forget that these type of setbacks can be blessings as well.

  • Gary Bynum

    As an Alabama fan, I was obviously very happy over their win. However, by far the most impressive event of the night was McCoy’s interview. To have placed this injury and loss in the hands of his omniscient Savior, at precisely the most excruciating moment of his young career, was an act of class and integrity of such magnitude that it beggars description. I am a big fan of Tim Tebow, but the dignity and faith that Colt demonstrated that night should be recognized by his Christian brothers and sisters as well.

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