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An Evening with Rosaria Butterfield | “Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age”

From The Kenwood Institute:

On October 6th, Rosaria Butterfield joined the Kenwood Institute for an evening organized around her new book, Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age.

Rosaria Butterfield is a wife, homeschooling mom, and a best-selling author and cultural commentator. Her latest book, Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age (Crossway, 2023), is a much-needed, prophetic word to our current culutral moment, which is growing increasingly hostile to Christian faith and practice.

In this video, we hear from Rosaria and then she and her husband, Kent, participate on a panel discussion with Colin Smothers and Jim Hamilton.

0:00 Introduction
4:04 Rosaria Butterfield, “Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age”
57:55 Panel Discussion, Colin Smothers, Jim Hamilton, Kent and Rosaria Butterfield