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Botched Abortions You Haven’t Heard About

The vaunted “safe, legal, and rare” abortions that we’ve heard so much about may be legal, but they are hardly rare, and in the following story are not safe either (that is, safe for the mother, since they are never safe for the baby).

The F.D.A. has now received reports that six women in the United States died after taking RU-486, or Mifeprex. A seventh died in Canada. The two most recent deaths and two of the previous four underwent their procedures at Planned Parenthood clinics, a spokeswoman said . . .

Since reporting drug side effects is voluntary in the United States, it is possible that more women have died and that their deaths have gone unreported because doctors, medical examiners and coroners are not obligated to forward such reports to the F.D.A. Doctors and local officials also may not associate a death with a pill-based abortion, especially if the death occurs weeks later (source).

Stories like these tend to fly by under the radar because mainstream media outlets tend to bury their coverage of them. But those of us who care about the unborn and their mothers need to make sure that we tell the whole story—even when it’s tragic.


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