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Very Sad Picture from March for Life

I just came across this picture from a Washington Post video report on the 2010 “March for Life” in Washington, D. C. When I saw it today, it reminded me of another outrage from a 2006 “March for Life” (see below). I don’t think the pro-choicers realize how much these types of protests work against their cause. I think most people recoil at such displays.

The national Sanctity of Human Life Day is tomorrow.


  • Brian Krieger

    Isn’t calling your baby pro-choice oxymoronic considering abortionists don’t consider anything in-utero a baby? If one recognizes a pregnant woman carrying a “baby”, that seems utterly and completely at odds to have a painted belly as such above. To be true to the line of thinking, she should have “my ball of tissue that somehow transforms into a baby, but not until outside of me and if I choose that, then he or she would be pro-choice.” It just seems utterly bizarre. I guess I don’t understand that line of thinking either way.

  • Donald Johnson

    Those 2 pics are not from a Walk for Life, they are from counter-demonstrations that follow/shadow the Walk for Life.

    She admits it is a baby and then claims it has a belief about abortion, how can she be so right and so wrong in 4 words. Amazing.

  • Jordan

    These two pics are so sad. 🙁 That is why we as Christians should go out and spread the gospel and its value for human life, how God sent His Son to make for Himself a peculiar people and that salvation is only in Him.

    These pictures are so sad.

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