Neuhaus on Roe Anniversary

“The most consequential cultural and political event in American history in the past half century was the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973. An argument can be made that it is rivaled by September 11, but that fateful day did not result in the deep realignment of religious, cultural, and political dynamics resulting from the Supreme Court’s ukase, which established an unlimited abortion license that wiped from the books of all fifty states any legal protection of unborn children. . . This Monday marks the thirty-fourth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. On January 23, 1973, the New York Times reported that the Court had ‘settled’ the dispute over abortion. Thirty-four years later, there is no more intensely contested issue in our public life.”Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (January 2007)

What Neuhaus said on the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is still true today. Read the rest here.

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