SMU Professor in Favor of Bush Library

Dr. James Hollifield, a professor of political science at SMU, does not jump on the bandwagon of faculty protests against the Bush Library to be built on SMU’s campus.

“It is legitimate for anyone to criticize the president and his policies, but it is presumptuous for us as scholars to say that we know in advance and with certainty what the legacy of a sitting president will be . . . faculty members are not disconnected from the politics of the moment” (‘The Biggest Man on Campus’ – NY Times).

I think Dr. Hollifield has wisely reserved judgment and has taken the long view. That is precisely what I was arguing in my post “Bush in My Backyard.”

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  • Paul

    from the article…

    “…the question of how George W. Bush made his decisions begs for scholarly research and discourse. The library will be a gold mine for scholars, and its location on a university campus symbolizes the need for study.”

    If knowing how the president made his decisions is really first and foremost on everyone’s minds, then really, the presidential museum should be Cheney’s, and it should be in Wyoming.

  • Kris Weinschenker

    Of course, it only stands to reason SMU would be in favor of having the Bush library there, what with all the money in donations (around 500 million last time I heard) it is sure to bring in.

    A lot more professors will get tenure.

  • roy

    With great respect for the leadership of Dr. Gerald Turner I think it is a mistake for the Bush Library to be located on the sMU camput It will be an embarrassment for our alma mater to be associated with George W. Bush.
    It must be remembered that Harvard University declined the JFK library because of the congestion and traffic effect. University Park is just as vulnerable to the pollution and congestion not to mention the cultural degredation. I’ll bet Yale would not want any part of it.

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