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A “Middle Ground” on the Life Issue?

Two recent opinion editorials talk about coming to a “middle ground” compromise on the human life issue, but they each take positions that are anything but a compromise. Ellen Goodman’s piece in the Boston Globe (“Abortion’s elusive middle ground”) is decidedly pro-choice. Yuval Levin’s essay in the New York Times (“A Middle Ground for Stem Cells”) is decidedly pro-life.

I agree with Goodman that “middle ground” on the abortion issue has been “elusive.” This is the case because one side sees innocent human life as sacred and worthy of protection under law, and the other side doesn’t. How do you come to a compromise on that? As a pro-lifer myself, I can’t see how I can moderate my position in support of life. When it comes to unborn babies, I support enacting and enforcing laws that protect the lives of the innocent. How can a person compromise that position even one iota?

In any case, I highlight these articles because we are approaching the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (January 22, 1973), the Supreme Court decision that made it legal in the U.S. for a woman to abort her unborn baby at any time before the child is born. After thirty-four years, this issue is still not settled, and I for one won’t let it go until the immoral culture of death is turned back.


  • rachel

    34 years ago….that is when Lamar was born, and my mom was only 15…i can hardly imagine life without my dear brother…i can’t even see how people who claim to be intelligent and civilized celebrate the freedom they have won to be promiscuous and murderous, all the while rejecting the blessings of God through sex within marriage and children to rear in our homes…this all shines a light on my own heart of selfishness, not being more thankful for the grace of God in my life…
    I will sing to the Lord because He has dealt bountifully with me. Ps 13:6

  • rachel

    well that wasn’t really my point…but you know i did teach 1st, 3rd and 5th grade math,, dr burk…i like to think i know my numbers…send my love to your girls and have a great day in the Lord

  • Tom

    Maybe you find it hard to come to “middle ground” or “Compromise” because there is NO middle ground. Some things in life are one way or the other – like life and death. You are dead or you are alive, you are pregnant or not pregnant, the fetus is a person or not a person……. The Lord tells us we must FIGHT for what is right and to protect the rights of those that can’t. I don’t mean to suggest you are or you’re not but my point is unless you are strictly seeking to be politically correct understand there is NO compromise on the issue – THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SUCH A CHALLENGE FOR SOCIETY TODAY we don’t want ANY rules, we want freedom to go in any direction at any time and we’ll rationalize it when we need to.

    Christian’s have to come to grips with the fact you can’t love someone back to life. You can seek to love and forgive the sinner (abortionist) but you can’t bring the child back by loving the perpetratory. We’ve become a society that is “convenience driven” – it always was, is and will be a difficult issue to deal with each individual case or situation where choice between life and death is needed (ask any medical personnel that have manned a triage unit in a front line battle environment). But society prefers a nice clean package and blanket style “convenience” ruling — so you are right in your comment
    ” How do you come to a compromise on that? (YOU DON’T)As a pro-lifer myself, I can’t see how I can moderate my position in support of life”

    For one of the more intelligent writings on this subject with respect to the actual legal aspect (yes more TOUGH decisions) consider reading.
    then after that please consider writing your congressmen (state and federal) and maybe even write “a position statement” to the two authors of the articles your reference. Don’t compromise, take a position and DECLARE it, only compromise in your delivery style.

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