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Should a Woman Be President?

I am a regular podcaster of Dr. Albert Mohler’s daily radio program. On Tuesday, Dr. Mohler discussed whether Christians should be concerned with the prospect of having a woman as head of state. He and callers discussed how God-ordained roles for men and women are to be realized in the secular world. You can hear the show by clicking on the following “play” button:


Dr. Mohler argues that the Bible clearly teaches male leadership as the norm for the family and for the church. The Bible is not as explicitly clear about principle applies outside of the family and the church. Thus Mohler speaks of his great admiration for Margaret Thatcher and her role in bringing down the Soviet Union. Speaking hypothetically, he said that if he had to choose between voting for Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, he would vote for Margaret Thatcher, even though the ideal would be to have a male head of state. So he confesses that on this question, his position is “conflicted.”

“Is It Time for a Woman in the White House?” – The Albert Mohler Radio Program

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  • Benjamin A

    Mohler is conflicted in that he senses an intuitive wrongness having a woman lead the most powerful military the world has ever seen; he is conflicted in that he knows God has made men and women differently for differing roles in the home/church/society.

    However, his position isn’t conflicted (in my opinion), he clearly said he would vote for a woman candidate over a male candidate given the right circumstances.

    The Republican party faced this issue with Elizabeth Dole in the 2000 primary race (uncertain if it was 2000 or 2004?). Though she wasn’t a serious contender she was in the race. Had she won the Republican nomination in the primaries (though I wouldn’t have voted for her there) and faced either Al Gore or John Kerry, I would have voted for Elisabeth Dole for president of the United States.

    What say the rest of you? Gore/Kerry or Elisabeth Dole?

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