Presidential Candidate Calls for Kingdom Come

At least one of the candidates for President of the United States went to church yesterday. Can you guess which candidate said the following while he was there?

“I just want all of you to pray that I can be an instrument of God in the same way that Pastor Ron and all of you are instruments of God. . . We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

If you were to guess that it was Republican Mike Huckabee (a former Baptist Preacher) who uttered those words, you would be wrong. If you were to guess, Sam Brownback (a conservative Catholic), you would be wrong again. If you were to guess, Republican Mitt Romney (well-known to be a Mormon), you would be wrong once more. If you were to guess Alan Keyes (can you believe he’s running again?), alas you would still be wrong.

Who is the mystery candidate who calls for the theocracy on earth? It’s Democrat Barack Obama.


  • Russ


    I hope this doesn’t surprise you. My first guess was Senator Clinton. None of the candidates, from either party, are above using their religious views to garner votes and pander to whichever group they are speaking to. Well, all except one candidate, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Matthew

    If Obama’s comment were more specific to the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kindgom of God, it would seem more likely to have some theological weight. However, “a Kingdom here on earth” seems designed to sound nice but not really mean anything.

  • Paul


    just like Ann Coulter, instead of simply acknowledging that someone can be both a democrat and a Christian, Denny instead decided to use the scare tactic of throwing Obama’s middle name out there so that the trailer residing camaro drivers of the world will go, “I knew he wasn’t one of us!”

    I figured someone that would call themselves a teacher of God’s word would be above such tricks. Guess not.

  • mlm

    Denny: You didn’t fool me! Even before your list of men and your “you’d be wrong” reply…I guessed Obama. For all that he is and might be, he’s certainly no dummy.

    But Islamists pray (more times a day than I no doubt) that they be instruments of God (praise Allah) and that his kingdom come to earth.

    No, Paul, I’m not calling Obama an Islamist although he very well may be (he certainly was indoctrinated with their beliefs through familial teaching and scholarly education). My point is that what was said is no indicator of Christianity or of the way a man will run the White House. Typically, the best indicator of future policy is to look at past voting records.

  • micah

    paul, you are way out of touch with reality. nobody in trailer parks drive camaros anymore. they’re driving ridiculously over-manipulated honda civics and dodge neons.

  • Denny Burk


    Fair enough (though for the record, I didn’t know that Coulter used this tactic). I have removed the middle name. Unneeded, unnecessary, and certainly unfair. I repent.


  • mlm


    You removed the middle name because you said it’s “unneeded, unnecessary, and certainly unfair.” I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself, but even if including Obama’s middle name is unneeded, unnecessary, and certainly unfair…one thing his middle name certainly ISN’T…it isn’t *unimportant*.

    He was given that name for a reason. Important members of his family are Muslims. Why should we ignore this? When Americans give their children such names as Muhammed and Ahmed, I pay attention, even if it’s just the NFL. When a member of a prominent NCAA football team has to receive IVs on the sidelines during a game because he’s observing Rahmadan, I pay attention. These things aren’t unimportant. Not anymore.

  • Paul


    so, what, now former muslims aren’t able to convert, or even just turn away from the message of Islam? What about Emil and Emir Caner (I know, I know, but is anyone doubting their faith?) My dad’s side of our family is from Algeria. Is my faith suddenly unauthentic because we came from a predominantly muslim country?

    The guy says he’s a Christian, goes to a Christian church and talks openly about his Christian faith. So is he pulling one of the greatest scams of all time on the American public, or is this simply a nasty case of ethnocentrism?

    No matter what, I am sorry to see that some people’s faith is more authentic than others due to their names. What makes me even more sorry is the fact that people teach their kids this stuff.

  • paul

    I think that the people that pass for right wingers these days are afraid of the real thing (Ron Paul). They want more lazy and ineffective government, therefore explaining the love for Fred Thompson.

    It might sound harsh, but that’s the only reasonable explaination.

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