Peggy Noonan on the Confirmation Hearings

I look forward every week to Peggy Noonan’s column in The Wall Street Journal, and her piece this morning is a gem. Today she decided to lampoon the outlandish senators and their preposterous grand-standing in the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito. My favorite part of the article is when she begins channeling Senator Biden of Delaware, who is notorious for patronizing, self-aggrandizing speeches that do not stay on topic. Here’s the kind of “question” that Biden so often “asks” according to Noonan:

What if a fella–I’m just hypothesizing here, Judge Alito–what if a fella said, “Well I don’t want to hire you because I don’t like the kind of eyeglasses you wear,” or something like that. Follow my thinking here. Or what if he says “I won’t hire you because I don’t like it that you wear black silk stockings and a garter belt. And your name is Fred.” Strike that–just joking, trying to lighten this thing up, we can all be too serious. Every 10 years when you see me at one of these hearings I am different from every other member of Judiciary in that I have more hair than the last time. You know why? It’s all the activity in my brain! It breaks through my skull and nourishes my follicles with exciting nutrients! Try to follow me.

What a hoot!

“Biden His Time: Judge Alito’s low-affect tour de force” – by Peggy Noonan

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