Kirk Cameron talks about the problem of evil on “The Today Show”

I just read that Kirk Cameron and Doug Wilson will be making a joint appearance on TBN later this evening. I don’t know what it is about, but I suspect it may have something to do with Cameron’s new documentary on the problem of evil, which he discussed on “The Today Show” earlier this week. See video above.


    • buddyglass

      I anticipate the same level of outrage as when Piper invited Warren to Desiring God or when Jakes was invited to The Elephant Room. Oh wait…no I don’t.

  • Paul Reed

    I hope that Doug Wilson does most of the talking. Well, all of the talking. I’m not saying I’m this great Christian apologist, but watching Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, or Todd Friel try to defend doctrine is just painful. It’s like if you watch someone from the Special Olympics. You admire them for showing up, and you figure they probably try their best, but you don’t want them representing your home team.

    • Esther O'Reilly

      Denny, I had a reply here that I think got lost because I didn’t put a last name. That was my mistake. Could you perhaps retrieve that comment and repost? Thanks!

    • Esther O'Reilly

      Here’s what I posted before that got lost:

      As someone who does have experience with apologetics, I think you’re underselling Cameron and Co. I often agree with and enjoy what they bring to the table doctrinally, even though we obviously differ on certain points (Calvinism, etc.) I agree that when it comes to apologetics they’re not grandmasters—that should be left to William Lane Craig, John Warwick Montgomery, etc. Yes, Ray Comfort has some clumsy arguments/moments (the banana argument, for example) when it comes to intelligent design, and on the creationism issue as a whole none of them understand what progressive creationism is (old earth, no macro-evolution). But frankly, when I watched a debate between those two internet infidels and Cameron/Comfort, I thought the infidels embarrassed their side more than C/C embarrassed theirs. A lot of the presumed “embarrassment” for their Christians was based on the implicit notion that it’s ridiculous to begin to question evolution at all. In fact, the emperor does have no clothes, and C/C are simply right on that.

  • Kamilla

    Doug was excellent, as expected. Kirk Cameron acted a bit too much like Oprah for my tastes. Frankly, I really don’t get why so many seemingly theologically sound teachers are willing to appear on the execrable network, let alone host shows on it as Cameron.

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