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Rick and Kay Warren bear witness on Piers Morgan show

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Rick and Kay Warren’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s program last night. They spoke forthrightly and honestly about their son’s suicide, and it was gut-wrenching to watch. They were vulnerable, transparent, and unflinching in their confession that God is good and is in control of their lives.

It wasn’t hard to anticipate where Morgan might challenge the Warren’s. Two items in particular were true to form for Morgan. He asked them whether they ever questioned God or entertained doubts about His goodness to them. Morgan also asked them to address rumors that their son was a closeted homosexual. In both cases, I thought the Warrens answered with aplomb and winsomeness.

You can watch video clips above. For the transcript, read here. (If anyone finds the full video of the interview, let me know.)


  • James Bradshaw

    I understand when people question how anyone could retain their faith under such circumstances. How could a God that is “good” permit such pain for those whom we love?

    What’s the alternative, though? A sense of resignation and simply saying that life’s miseries are meaningless?

    I hope this doesn’t sound as if I’m trivializing the loss of this family, but sometimes that which is ultimately for the good is experienced as suffering in this life.

    We are all, to varying degrees, selfish beings. We seek our own good, sometimes at the expense of others. That only seems to be remedied by suffering in one form or another, either through what we are forced to sacrifice or forced to endure. It is, as many say, redemptive.

    Pain also seems to indicate the reality of our humanity. If one was indifferent, the loss of our own would impact us in no real tangible way. I’d rather deal with the pain of that loss than be unable to feel any sense of loss at all.

    • Jeff Clement

      Great last statement James. God never intends us to just merely learn His word, but to experience His word…ie..His love. How are we to to feel transforming love if we are not willing to be transformed? We do not ask God to carry away the storms in our lives, but to deliver us through them. I’ve been blessed to listen to the Warrens’ latest sermon series on this subject.

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