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Jim Hamilton Is a Sorry Hog

I love Jim Hamilton. I really do. But today he is a sorry hog. Here’s why.

Today I watched the LSU Tigers put the finishing touches on their abysmal season as they lost to the Arkansas Razorbacks by one point (31-30). It was painful to watch. The Tigers practically gave the game away. Their defense has stunk up the field all season, and tonight was no exception. With major penalties at critical moments during the game, the Tigers managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

After the game was over, I picked up my cell phone, and I see that I have missed a string of calls from my good friend, Jim. I check the messages, and it’s Jim on the other end doing a victory lap on my voicemail. And that’s only the beginning of his sore winners-man-ship. He has now posted the blog equivalent of the superbowl shuffle and has dedicated it to me.

Here’s a guy who has sworn off sports so that he might have more time to read theology, and yet he interrupts his sacred fast just so that he can poke me in the eye. Jim and I have been close friends for many years. But I guess this just shows that hog-red runs thicker than water. Sorr-yyy pig!


  • S. Hoodlum

    That’s what you get for being more devoted to LSU (which you have absolutely ZERO connection with) versus our beloved Bulldogs!

    Have you considered those Bulldogs?

  • Denny Burk

    Okay, Stephen. I still pull for the old alma mater. They just don’t give me much to talk about these days. They’re hardly ever in contention for anything anymore. But I pull for them nevertheless.

  • Matt Svoboda

    Good word Darius…

    You are all welcome to become fans of a conference that really plays football… Have you not been bored watching LSU stink, the Bulldogs have no D, Miss. St., Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt stink up the country?

    I feel bad for you guys who have actually sat there and watched those teams this year! The Big 12 have 8 quarterbacks that will probably be in the pros one day… but if you want to keep watching Stafford throw pics and LSU’s quarterbacks play terribly than you are more than welcome!

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