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Steven Curtis Chapman Thanks President Bush

Steven Curtis Chapman is thankful for President Bush’s service to the country and has written a song saying as much. You can listen to the track at Here’s the message that Chapman posted next to the song:

Good Bye. Mr. President.

Whether you voted for him & love him, or you’ve disagreed with all his policies and dislike him… Could we all agree on this? We owe President Bush a sincere thank you. As the historic Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama approaches, pauses to thank our outgoing President for his service to our great country. This Thanksgiving weekend, we hope you’ll enjoy a new song by Steven written in President Bush’s honor.

(HT: Tim Challies)

UPDATE: The song has been removed from Steven Curtis Chapman’s website, but I found a copy on Facebook. I’ve embedded the video above. Here’s a link as well.


  • Paul

    “History will be a lot kinder to Bush than many people have been.”

    Doubtful. Ideology trumped pragmatism with him on a daily basis. That was NEVER the case with our best presidents.

    “He knows, though, that before they hated him, they hated Him.”

    Please tell me that the capital letters are not some way of saying that those that hate GWB hate God…

  • Paul

    and, please, Mr. Chapman, could we hear just one decent song from a CCM artist in this new century? I am not asking for much. Just a decent chord structure, a firm, danceable rhythm and a decent melody. Maybe a guitar solo that utilizes a couple of chromatic notes to let us know you’re thinking. I’ll even send you the Stevie Wonder records if you need to brush up on decent song structure.

    But seriously: bad subject matter plus tossed off in a half hour chord structure equals pap that only Bush apologists will ever listen to twice.

  • Darius T

    “Please tell me that the capital letters are not some way of saying that those that hate GWB hate God…”

    It is exactly that. Please note, though, that I mean hate when I say hate. I have no problem with people strongly disagreeing with some of his policies (I certainly do). But those on the secular Left who have shown utter hate of him… it stems from their hate of Christ, Bush’s Lord. The Left hates the Right, but they save a special level of hatred for those who profess Jesus.

  • Paul

    me: “Ideology trumped pragmatism with him on a daily basis. That was NEVER the case with our best presidents.”

    Darius: Paul, meet Mr. Lincoln.

    Darius, meet a history book.

    When Lincoln debated Douglass, he was on the record as saying that blacks were second class citizens. A pragmatic move that gave him some chance of getting votes in pro-slavery northern states.

    Once he was in office, he kept his friends close and his enemies closer. A pragmatic move if ever there was one.

    While campaigning, he ONLY claimed that he would contain slavery. Not that he would abolish it. And he made the emancipation proclamation once it was a moot issue. If the south HAD won, then slavery was only going to be illegal in the areas where it was already illegal, and if the north won, then that was punishment for secession. A pretty pragmatic way to get what you want.

    Want to keep going?

  • Ken Abbott

    Paul: Your argument works only if you consider Lincoln’s position on slavery to be his ideology. It was not–Lincoln’s ideological commitments were to the preservation of the Union (see his famous letter to Horace Greeley on his priorities) and the principle of equality enunciated in the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln was no abolitionist.

  • Paul


    I get it. It’s just that SO many people paint Lincoln as this ideological saint of abolition that he absolutely was not.

    When one’s ideology is the preservation of the union, one will apply occam’s razor and be the pragmatist. This is something that Bush has shown himself to be incapable of.

  • Josh

    I’m trying to figure out if you’ve listened to any of SCC’s music since 2000. By the way, how many Grammy’s and Dove’s do you have in your house?

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