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High School Musical (please forgive frivolous post)

This is a frivolous post. But I’m doing it anyway. Is there anyone out there willing to admit that they are fans of “High School Musical”? Granted, the basketball “players” look like they can hardly even dribble, much less actually play basketball [Note to central casting: Next time you need to cast a realistic looking basketball player, try not to hire a Justin Guarini look-alike]. Talking about this movie is a capitulation to a cheesy pop culture phenomenon. But I’m still wondering who will fess up to making plans to watch “High School Musical 2” tonight?

“To answer your question, it’s even better than the first one.” –Los Angeles Times Review



    Okay, this is just between us, right?

    Well, I watched HM yesterday and wasn’t beaten down nearly as much as I thought I would have been.

    There were a few groans, but dad won some points among the little people watching one of their favorites.

    Got the TiVo set to record HM2 tonight, so we’ll have to report back on that one.

    “Getcher head in the game,” Denny!

  • dennyrburk

    Ha! That’s great, Gunny. Now I’m wondering if anyone will admit to watching it without their children! We’re all in this together. 🙂

    Geoff, the Disney Channel has a countdown clock on their screen right now! Your child isn’t the only one counting down.

  • Jason

    Even here in Brazil HM is huge. Of course the debut is not until September. My daughter, who is only 5, is savvy enough to know we can download the show off the internet. So I have been ‘instructed’ to wait up tonight until it is available.

  • Jada Bown Swanson

    Denny, just wait..EC will soon be a ‘tween’……..and she is ‘daddy’s little girl’ I am sure. Speaking from experience in having my dad wrapped around my finger, to now, already, seeing my 2.5 year old daughter, Jamison, having Jon ‘wrapped’ as well, I think both of us will be watching this movie soon enough. Personally, we would rather watch it with her than not. From what I have heard, it is really cute.

    Actually, I need to watch this for ‘research’ for my younger music students (voice)who desperately want to sing something from HSM…….we shall see.

  • Shannon

    I actually fessed up to having a huge crush on this movie several days ago on my blog, Denny! Can’t help it. I can just see Ms. Mel teaching us all the moves… Jenny & I are having a watching party tonight at mom & dad’s place! Wildcats RULE!

  • FellowElder

    There’s a family in the Cayman Islands whose name is… uh-hmm… difficult to pronounce that will be watching. The dad in that family even bought the recent edition of Newsweek which features an article on HM2. That guy says the writer referred to HM as this generation’s “Grease.” Now the dad in that family in the Cayman Islands loved Grease. HM is no Grease, but he says he enjoys it with the girls. And he definitely dittos your comments about the fake “athletes.” Yuck.

  • Kris

    our 11 yr daughter went down to her friend’s house for this epic event last night……He is alive!

    and by grace through “fate” I lost no man points, Luke.

  • Andrea McNeil

    I can’t believe I even have a clue what y’all are talkin’ about, but it “just so happens” that I had that station on last night for our kids…yes, really, and that show was on and I actually got a “little” caught up in it until I realized that I was the only one in the living room actually watching it…and then turned it off!!! It was kinda cute but there’s way too much to do all of the time to sit and watch much…especially “teenie bopper” shows, I call ’em.

  • Barry

    Dude. I am watching the replay of HM2, and I have really given it a try…over an hour now and I have to say, I don’t get it.

    I think Rush Hour 2 is on . . .

  • Barry

    OK, still trying to watch this and get it cause you are my homie. But, currently there is some duet happening with lots of bad choreography and clouds in the background, oh, and there’s a sudden breeze to keep all of the cool hair blowing.

    Please help or change the channel.

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