Eric Metaxas has stimulating interview with Owen Strachan about “The Colson Way”

Owen Strachan is the author of the fantastic new book The Colson Way, a book about the life and influence of the late Chuck Colson. Last week, Owen visited “The Eric Metaxas Show” to talk about the book (listen above). This is a stimulating conversation about an important book and person. Listen to the podcast. Get the book.,204,203,200_.jpg

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  • Brian Holland

    Chuck Colson has had a profound impact on my life, as he had on countless others. I can’t recommend his books highly enough, and his teaching on the Cultural Commission laid out in Genesis and really all throughout Scripture is so desperately needed in American Christianity today as the church has become so anemic in recent years. I was also truly blessed to be able to go through the Centurions Program that Chuck founded to train and raise up leaders in Biblical Worldview so that we might engage and transform the culture for His glory. Tragically Chuck passed away right before my last residency in DC, but I count it as one of the true highlights of my life to be able to meet him and spend a weekend with him. One of things that motivates me in my Christian Race towards the finish line is not disappointing Chuck. He would undoubtedly rebuke me for saying that, but my point is that God used him to teach me so much that has transformed my life. In turn I can’t help but burdened to want to live out that “radical” expression of the Christian faith that Chuck did in his many decades of service to Christ and the world around him.