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Dear Senator, defund Planned Parenthood now

The fourth video exposing Planned Parenthood has just been released (watch above). It is hard to believe that the revelations could get any worse, but they do. In this video, you will witness Planned Parenthood doctors picking through the mangled remains of a human baby trying to find parts to sell. You will also hear Planned Parenthood abortionists say “It’s a baby” and “Another boy!” They know what they are doing. We know what they are doing. This is the face of evil, and it has to stop.

If you haven’t done so already, it is time for you to act. You need to send an email or a letter to your representatives in Congress. Here are instructions for finding and contacting your Senators. Here are instructions for finding and contacting your Representative. This is very easy. Please don’t delay in contacting them.

For those who live in Kentucky like me, you can contact Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul here and here. For those who live in Louisville, you can contact Representative John Yarmuth here. Below is the letter that I sent to each of them. Feel free to copy and paste this into your own letter. Whatever you do, contact them now. It’s time. It’s past time.


Dear Senator McConnell,

I am appalled at the recent revelations of barbarism taking place at Planned Parenthood every day. As a nation, we are better than this. This daily destruction of human life should not even be legal, much less subsidized by the federal government.

So I am asking you to do everything within your power to defund Planned Parenthood. I’m also asking you to support any legislation that would protect human life at its earliest stages.

Thank you for receiving this letter and for serving Kentucky.

Denny Burk


  • Johnny Mason

    Everyone should contact Senator McConnell, even if you are not a Kentuckian. He is the Senate Majority leader and has tremendous control over what bills and amendments to bills get considered. He was instrumental in blocking an amendment to defund PP from the Highway Bill. He needs to hear from all us.

  • James Stanton

    It surprised me that I had never heard about this issue of sale or use of human tissue from abortions even though we’ve had laws both banning it and legalizing it over the years. It doesn’t seem to be a secret that Planned Parenthood and other such organizations have been doing this.

    Still, in plain terms, the video is convincing in that shows how shady and gross abortion practices can be even if that won’t necessarily lead to people being convinced that abortion is wrong and should be illegal. It may be enough to force a veto from the President but the pressure is all on the Republican leaders who control Congress to put this to a vote.

  • Ian Shaw

    Sent an email to McConnell and my local rep in Michigan.

    PP can offer no defense for itself now, euphemisms or not.

  • James Olewiler

    Thanks Denny. I’ve contacted my local Rep AND Senator McConnell. Sadly CA has two of the most life-hating senators and an email to them would just put me on a hate-list to be distributed next election.

  • Brian Hendrix

    Murdering babies in a woman’s womb is barbaric and deplorable. Selling the body parts of the baby is absolutely horrific. The only reasonable, humane move here is to defund an organization that is performing unthinkable acts.

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