• Paul

    interesting note here:

    it’s wrong for Ann Coulter to call John Edwards a fag, but it’s okay for Mike Huckabee to infer it.


  • Jason

    I think the inference by Huckabee was that Edwards is ‘pretty’ and looks like he spends some time on his appearance. I don’t think the inference was meant to be taken in a homosexual context.

  • Tristan

    Was Paul’s comment serious? I hope not. If it was, it’s probably the best unintentional comedy I’ve seen today. It perfectly demonstrates the hypocritical errors of PC folk. Mike Huckabee makes a joke because John Edwards spends $400 on a haircut (anyone with common sense knows thats way too much for a simple haircut). Paul is offended because he knows that only homosexual people spend a lot of money at hair salons so he is obviously being called a homosexual (ridiculous assumption). Furthermore, Paul fails to realize that the major problem people had with Ann Coulter was not that she was referring to Edwards as a homosexual, but that she used such a deragatory word to do so. Paul makes the same error by repeating the word and applying it to all homosexual people (or was it just people who spend money in salon’s). I’m always impressed at how the people trying to be so “sensitive” and PC end up being more demeaning and stereotyping in their speech than the “insensitive” people.


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