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What are people saying about Jerry Falwell?

What follows is a list of articles and resources on the death and legacy of Rev. Jerry Falwell. I plan to update this list as more comes out.

Opinion / Commentary / Analysis

“Jerry Falwell: Pastor turned evangelicals into a political force” – Editorial (Dallas Morning News)

“Don’t Believe the Hype” – Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)

“Jerry Falwell and Me” – Deborah Caldwell (

“The Kingdom and Power” – Howard Fineman (Newsweek)

“My Friend, Jerry Falwell” – Larry Flynt (Los Angeles Times)

“Falwell’s Legacy in the Pulpit and Politics” – Laurie Goodstein (New York Times)

“Growing Up as One of ‘Jerry’s Kids'” – Jon Groat (Newsweek)

“Jerry Falwell’s Hit Parade: The Right’s Holy Fool” – Timothy Noah (Slate)

“Rick Warren and Jerry Falwell” – Ted Olson (Christianity Today)

“For New Generation of Evangelicals, Falwell Was Old News” – Hanna Rosin (Washington Post)

“Forgetting Falwell” – Diane Winston (The Revealer)


“On Faith” – Washington Post/Newsweek

Tom Ascol

Chuck Colson

Billy Graham

Al Mohler

Alan Streett

Cal Thomas

Jim Wallis

Rick Warren

Joel Willitts

Ben Witherington

Photo Retrospectives

New York Times

Washington Post

Dallas Morning News

News Coverage

“Falwell, Megachurch Pastor Who Organized Religious Right, Dead at 73” – Christianity Today

“Preacher’s Texas Ties Run Deep” – Dallas Morning News

“Falwell’s Death Is the End of and Era” – London Times

“Preacher Built Religious Right into a Political Force” – Los Angeles Times

“Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority Founder, Dies at 73” – New York Times

“The Movement That Left Falwell Behind” – Time


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