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Another Outrage from Planned Parenthood

Lila Rose is a 20-year old college student at UCLA. She has the voice of a 14-year old, but she has an ingenious plan to expose Planned Parenthood’s serial abuse of vulnerable young girls who are pregnant. Rose produces undercover videos in which she poses as an underage teen seeking an abortion from Planned Parenthood. Recently, she was featured in a front-page story in the LA Times. Watch the video, and read the article. Unbelievable.


  • Brian Krieger

    This was discussed a while back at Boundless. The end of Ted Slater’s blog posits:

    ”This situation brings up some interesting issues. First, is it acceptable for someone to use deception in order to expose a greater evil. I think Jesus shows us that in some cases it is acceptable. Second, now that it’s irrefutable that Planned Parenthood is all about seeing more mothers kill their babies, what are you going to do about it?”

    If I remember correctly, California has a law about videotaping without permission (which is why the video was initially removed from YouTube). I didn’t keep up with the story after that, though (and I can’t watch the YouTube here…..sigh….). That causes a great pause in my mind.

    The responses by PP (and those defending them) were comical and utter foolishness. To paraphrase, a double minded man’s arguments are always unstable.

  • kris

    If the “planned parenthood” person was enabling a 14 year old to buy cigarettes while underage the libs would press charges if they found out.

    Helping a 14 year old hide the fact that a 31 year old pervert impregnated her and enabled the murder of a child is justified to protect her privacy.

    If this doesn’t prove the Lord has given our country over to base things and causing us to stumble in the darkness, then what proof do we need?

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