Albert Mohler on “The Mourdock Moment”

Albert Mohler has fantastic commentary on the controversy surrounding recent remarks made by Senate candidate Richard Mourdock. He writes:

A closer look at Mourdock’s comments reveals that the candidate was not in any true sense calling rape “something that God intended to happen.” Everything Mourdock said in that answer flowed from his stated presupposition that life begins at conception, and that every human life is a gift from God.

Nevertheless, the liberal media went into full apoplexy, painting Richard Mourdock as a woman-hating extremist with reprehensible views on an issue as serious as rape.

Almost none of those who quoted Mourdock in making these charges used the full quotation, much less the audio of its delivery in the debate. The full quote reveals that the candidate was affirming the full dignity of every human life, regardless of the circumstance of conception.

Mohler goes on to defend that view that all life is sacred from conception to natural death, even those lives conceived in the tragic circumstance of rape. Read it here.


  • Andrew Orlovsky

    I think, if anything, this incident reveals the intellectual bankruptcy of “mainstream” America on the issue of abortion. It seems most Americans say they are pro-life, or at least think abortion should be restricted in some cases, but express horror at the though of abortion being illegal in the case of rape. That position simply does not make sense. What it comes down to is “Is an unborn child a person or not”. If you believe it is (as I do), aborting a unborn child just because he is the product of rape makes as much sense as killing a 3 year old because he is the product of rape. And if an unborn child is merely part of the women’s body and not a person, then it makes no sense to restrict abortion at all. We as pro-lifers are celebrating the fact the more young people are indentifying as pro-life, but unforetunately it seems simply based on emotion, and these people seem willing to throw other pro-lifers under the bus when it makes them seem mean.

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