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The Armstrong Scandal Is Worse Than Merely Doping

NBC’s “Rock Center” recently covered Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace, and they show that the scandal is much worse than merely doping. The lengths that Armstrong went to in order to cover up his misdeeds were much worse than the doping itself. Unfortunately, reporters were all too willing to overlook eyewitness testimony in those early years, and their soft coverage enabled the scandal to continue for as long as it did.

There’s a poignant moment at the end of the second video in which one of the witnesses challenges NBC’s Harry Smith for dropping the ball in his previous interviews with Armstrong. Smith talks about the possibility for atonement and whether or not it’s possible to make things right by telling the true story now. But he ultimately says there is no making up for the past lapses in reporting.

One of the witnesses who was strong-armed by Armstrong to keep her quiet put it this way: There’s none so blind than those that don’t want to see.” Watch both parts of this story below.


  • Reg Schofield

    Armstrong could still do much good if he honestly and opening repented , showed a contrite spirit and said he was withdrawing from the public eye to heal and seek forgiveness from those he hurt . One thing that has really bothered me about the people in charge of world cyclying , the fawned anger. When Armstrong was winning and all the rumors were out there I recall him being defended over and over . Call me cynical but I hold many high up knew of the depth of the doping problem but closed their eyes because of all the exposure and money that was being made. Perhaps I’m wrong , I hope I’m. But one thing I know , I take no delight or glee in seeing Armstrong fall . He truly needs the gospel , a place that broken and sinful dead hearts can be made new. So pray for him and those he hurt . Sad story .

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