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A sober warning about “The Transgender Contagion”

If you haven’t read David French’s article “The Transgender Contagion” yet, let me encourage you to do so. One paragraph in particular is worth highlighting. French writes,

We’re not far from the day when a child will be taken from a loving home simply because the parents refuse to believe that their little girl is actually a little boy. We’re already living in the days when telling your girl child that she shouldn’t undergo treatments that will render her infertile and painfully mutilated is deemed to be intolerant. And we refuse to believe that such behaviors are at all influenced by peer groups or social trends. Instead, your daughter is simply “trans,” just as she is either black or white.

If you think this is an overstatement, you are not paying attention. The medical community has embraced the transgender revolution, and dissent from its ideology is no longer allowed.

In 2013, the new perspective was officially sanctioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which dropped “gender identity disorder” in favor of a new diagnosis called “gender dysphoria.” An information sheet suggests that the change was made for ideological reasons, not scientific ones:

“Part of removing stigma is about choosing the right words. Replacing ‘disorder’ with ‘dysphoria’ in the diagnostic label is not only more appropriate and consistent with familiar clinical sexology terminology, it also removes the connotation that the patient is ‘disordered.'”

What is the result of this ideological shift? The psychiatric community no longer views a perceived mismatch between gender identity and sexual anatomy as a problem. Now it is only regarded as a problem if the person feels distress about the mismatch. Thus treatments focus on eliminating the psychological distress, not on helping the person to embrace a gender identity that aligns with their birth sex.

Keep in mind that the distress isn’t due to the mismatch per se. It is due to negative attitudes and stigma associated with the mismatch. So anyone contributing to the negative attitudes is a part of the problem. You can see where this logic leads. Social and legal pressure must be brought to bear to prevent people from “harming” the transgendered with hurtful stigmas. At least that is how the thinking goes.

Bottom line. The medical authorities have become the conduit of a radical gender theory that is not based on science but on ideology and propaganda. But it is these very medical “authorities” that will be brought in to give a veneer of scientific respectability to a point of view that really is not based in science at all.

But very few people seem to realize that as they hand their troubled children over to medical authorities who are perfectly willing to mutilate healthy bodies in the service of the ideology. That they would mutilate anyone is a human tragedy. That they would foist this upon minor children is a travesty.

This is not alarmism. This is just where we are. And unless people open their eyes to what is happening, David French’s prediction will not be a warning but a reality.

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