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A new phase of transgender revolution reaches New York

The Wall Street Journal reports that “New York City’s Human Rights Commission is establishing what advocates called some of the most powerful guidelines in the nation on gender-identity discrimination.” The guidelines define what the city means by gender “discrimination,” which can lead to fines as much as $250,000. The guidelines apply to many businesses, landlords, and employers. Among other things, the guidelines stipulate that…

  • Individuals must use the transgender person’s pronoun of choice.
  • Gyms cannot tell clients which locker room to use. It must be left to the discretion of the patron.
  • Objections from other patrons about bathroom/locker room use are not lawful reasons to deny access.
  • Businesses/employers cannot enforce gender-specific dress codes.

I’m still wondering if people have really thought about the implications of the revolution we are witnessing. New York is about to find out. Read the rest here.


  • Christiane Smith

    at the school where I taught, one of our eighth graders loved to where silk ladies’ blouses and carry a purse . . . Alan was a very gentle 6 foot 4 inch 300 plus pounds and was very accepted by everyone because of his kindness and friendly demeanor . . . he appeared on stage with the girls’ step team and brought the house down with laughter . . . but it all came to a sudden stop when Alan tried to wear girl’s high heels to school . . . the principals said ‘NO’ and so Alan obeyed and that was the end of that . . .

    we heard years later that Alan had left high school and had been seen in full drag down on Main Street on Saturday nights . . . . I remember feeling sorry for him as we all know that the world is not a kind or accepting place for those who are ‘different’ and we knew that Alan would suffer because of it . . .

    no, Alan wasn’t allowed to use the girls’ facilities at our school, and as far as we knew, he never complained about it . . . but that is just a small detail in the story of someone we cared for in those days who was very much a part of our school

  • buddyglass

    Anecdote for you:

    I went out to happy hour last night w/ two young, female coworkers, and the subject of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner came up. Neither of these women is particularly religious and at least one is somewhat hostile to Republicans and the GOP. Both of them were highly critical of the decision to award Jenner that “woman of the year” award he won. Their logic: “If he has a penis he’s not a woman; it’s dumb that he got the award and not an actual woman; also, while transitioning may have been a positive thing for him personally, it’s not deserving of an award”.

    Possible take-away: “the left” is not monolithic in its opinion on transgender issues.

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