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The Left Is Colonizing the Calendar

The Left is colonizing the calendar. The most recent evidence of this is President Biden declaring tomorrow, Easter Sunday, to be “Transgender Visibility Day.” For Biden, I suspect this is a political calculation—a sop to the Left and indifferent contempt for faithful Christians everywhere. I have seen little evidence that his Catholic faith is anything more than a meaningless tradition. He publicly dishonors his church’s teaching about abortion, homosexuality, and marriage. And now he defiles the holiest day on the Christian calendar with transgender abomination.

But Biden aside, we would all do well to recognize the larger conflict within which “Transgender Visibility Day” is simply a single skirmish. For the truth is this. Whoever owns the calendar and our annual observances owns the narrative and imagination of a people. This was true with the children of Israel in the Old Testament, and it is true now. People understand their group identities in part through the narratives playing out on their calendars.

Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were once thoroughly Christian observances embedded in our cultural imagination. They pointed us to incarnation, to cross/resurrection, and to giving thanks. Now the holy days of the godless are filling our calendar while the old Christian observances and their meanings are being forgotten—their significance being largely eviscerated in our cultural memory.

The woke Left has already taken the entire month of June for LGBTQ observances, and this year they are taking Easter too. Our president is their willing accomplice. The godless are colonizing the calendar, and I for one am tired of giving it away. They are trying to tell a new story of the world by capturing our annual observances. That is the larger conflict, and we should have our eyes wide open about that.

In the meantime, those who rage against the Lord and against His anointed should recognize that the time is very short. Your time is short. Jesus Christ has been crucified and raised for sinners. You are a sinner.

“Do homage to the Son,
lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,
for his wrath is quickly kindled.
Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

Psalm 2:12