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A father celebrates killing his child

As the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade has come and gone, I notice that more pro-choicers than usual have been willing to talk openly about their views. They seem to be feeling the wind at their backs at the moment, and the normal inhibitions about telling abortion stories don’t seem to apply.

As I noted last week, there has been some chilling commentary showing just how far proponents of abortion are willing to go in favor of the feminist ideal of freedom. In short, they know that the unborn are persons, but they are still willing to kill those persons so that a woman can be truly free. A woman’s desire not to be pregnant outweighs another person’s right not to be killed. It’s the ideology of death, and the pro-choicers seem to be more forthcoming and open about their morally bankrupt views.

Enter Touré Neblett from MSNBC. I’m not sure what really qualifies this man to hold forth on his abject disregard of human life, but apparently someone at MSNBC thinks his wisdom on the matter deserves a national audience. One would think he might be less than forthcoming about the decision to kill his own child, but he’s not. In fact, he celebrates the decision. [Watch the video above, or read his words below.]

Touré is not disputing the humanity of the unborn. He concedes that seeing the second trimester sonogram of his son made him reconsider his view of when life begins. At the end of the day, however, human life in the womb is morally irrelevant to him. The only morally relevant issue is a woman’s absolute right not to be encumbered with a child. If it takes killing another human being to preserve that “right,” Touré is all for it—even if it’s his own child.

Why should we be paying attention to stories like this one? After all, is anyone really moved for or against legal abortion by such displays? Some people won’t be moved. There are some people who have sold their hearts and minds to the murderous ideology of death, and they won’t dare reconsider their views even when faced with the humanity of the unborn (e.g. Touré Neblett).

But I think there are still many people in our society whose consciences will be pricked when they hear what the actual defense of abortion is. Pro-abortion logic doesn’t pass the smell test, and decent people know that. It may be lost on Touré that he has just celebrated the death of his own child, but it won’t be lost on everyone. Perhaps it won’t be lost on you.


[Touré Neblett’s testimony about his girlfriend’s abortion.]

This week brought us the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade and made me reflect on a moment from 15 years when I was in a committed relationship with a woman who I knew was just not the one. She also knew it probably wasn’t going to work out and then she got pregnant, and I was terrified…

I knew that pregnant woman and I were not going to be able to form a lasting family. She decided it was best to have an abortion and days later she did, we did, and in some ways that choice saved my life. I was not then smart enough or man enough to build a family or raise a child, and I only would have contributed to making a mess of three lives.

Years after that I met another woman, married her, and after we decided to get pregnant, I went to her doctor’s appointments, our doctor’s appointments, with joy. it was a thrill to watch that boy grow inside her, but I must admit during that second trimester as we watched him move around on 3-d sonograms I saw how human they were and my lifelong belief was jostled.

In the end I remain committed to being pro-choice because I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her body and thus her life. I believe in a woman’s autonomy to determine her life’s course. Yes, there is a reasonable and unsolvable medical debate about when exactly life begins, but I find something undeniably misogynist about the impulse to deny a woman’s dominion over her own body and limit her ability to shape her life and impose another sense of morality on her.

(HT: Eric Teetsel)

Postscript for Touré: Your gut feeling at your son’s ultrasound was right. Don’t close your eyes to what you saw there. There are powerful forces in our culture that would have all of us to look away from that image, but we don’t have to do What they say. We can acknowledge what is transparently true. That baby you saw in the ultrasound was your son. You can stand against the spirit of the age and raise your voice to defend him and the millions of others like him who have no voice but ours.


  • Lauren

    How incredibly sad. HE made a mistake. SHE made a mistake. And the only one who pays for those two making mistakes is an innocent life created by them. That precious little one could have brought so much joy to a family longing for a child and yet unable to conceive. What about a woman’s desire to have a child if she is infertile? She doesn’t get to choose what to do with her body…the choice has been made. Once a woman becomes pregnant, the choice has already been made. If you’re pro-choice, choose BEFORE you get pregnant. There are ways to avoid pregnancy…murder of an innocent child should not be one of those choices. A woman who risks pregnancy should have to face the consequences of ignoring the risk. Maybe if she faced the consequences she’d grow up and be more responsible both for herself and anyone else she creates. I don’t know anyone who is really prepared for parenthood. Just because you want a child does not “prepare” you for the job. It’s on-the-job training that turns a woman or man into a parent. This just makes me sick…and what’s sadder is that the media continues to pump this garbage and ignore the countless men and women who are mentally and spiritually destroyed after making such a horrible choice. Thank you for continuing to keep us informed!

  • Adam

    So it’s misogynistic to deny a female control over her own body, but not when that female’s body is located in another female’s body. The pro-choice movement seems to have long since abandoned any attempt to construct a coherent argument and has resorted to an endless parade of emotional appeal. It would be funny, were it not for the murder involved, that this guys has the audacity to start his piece by saying something as ridiculous as “I was in a committed relationship with a woman who I knew was just not the one.” Now that’s commitment! He admits he was terrified and that a family is necessary to raise a child and says he would have messed up three people’s lives. Well, good news Neblett, there is something called adoption. You didn’t have to murder your child.


    • Mike Duncan

      Your last statement was I my thought also. If he and this woman didn’t want a child there are thousands who would be happy to receive him or her with open arms and a loving family.

      it should be added that Scientific American reported 235 mothers died from abortion (legal and illegal) in 1965. Even if we doubled or tripled this number to account for unreported or misreported deaths you still fall very short of the average 3700 children that were aborted EVERY DAY in 2012.

  • Pastor Richard

    “Abortion saved my life.” What a terribly sad and horrific commentary. He killed a child and through murder gained freedom from a future he did not want. A life was not saved. A life was destroyed, so that he could have his freedom.

  • Todd

    This man (and I use the term loosely) is an absolute disgrace. The fact that anybody at all listens to the drivel that spews so freely from his ignorant mouth is further evidence of a society in deep decline.

  • Akash Charles

    wait- so he basically abdicated his responsibilities as a man and this is seen as pro woman??

    it seems these men love abdicating their responsibilities(surprise)- no wonder they want to send their wives and daughters to war instead

  • Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard)

    Thanking God for the abortion that “saved” HIS life? That’s just chilling.

    Did you notice that the ultrasound image that flashes on the screen is of such poor quality that you can’t even make out that it’s a baby? This is a common technique of the pro-abortion crowd. There is a YouTube video from a Time writer discussing the impact 3D ultrasounds are having on declining support for abortion on demand. As she is saying this, a poor quality ultrasound flashes on the screen.

    If you go to Planned Parenthood’s website and look up information on the “Stages of Pregnancy,” it’s even worse. They have line drawings that look like they are from a 1940’s school health textbook. It’s unbelievable the lengths they go to in order to hide the truth from women (and men).

  • Paul Reed

    @Paula Bolyard

    Sadly, I don’t think the “pro-choice” side really cares if it’s a baby or not. I can prove it to you. In any debate with them, ask this question: “If I can prove that the fetus is a baby, will you agree that abortion should be illegal?”. Also, while the “official” position is that it isn’t a baby, if you go to a college campus, pro-choice people will be much more forthcoming and direct. They’ll tell you “yes it’s human, and yes it’s okay to kill it”.

  • paul jacobs

    No doubt that these people also feel that it is the government’s responsibility (taxpayers) to have provided them with free contraception as well as paying for the abortion. We live in times that not only try men’s souls, but it completely sickens them.

  • Aaron O'Kelley

    Even by his own logic, what did he and his girlfriend gain from the abortion that they also would not have gained had they decided to deliver the baby and put it up for adoption (other than sparing her the temporary effects of pregnancy, which is a small price to pay to save a human life, one would think)?

    Okay, he wasn’t ready for a family, and he was too selfish to realize that growing up is something we don’t have the luxury to put off indefinitely. Given all of that, he and his girlfriend still could have given this baby to another family (two real adults), and Toure’s life still would have been “saved,” as he puts it here, without having to commit murder.

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