10th Wedding Anniversary

I don’t usually post personal items on this blog, but today will be an exception. Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I’m married to the loveliest girl on the planet, and these have definitely been the best 10 of my 37 years.

Leading up to today, my thoughts have been on a poem that I wrote on the occasion of our third anniversary. It’s not meant to be a sad ending, but a happy one. It’s a short narrative of a vision that I have of finishing well with my bride, whether she or I go first. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!



The old man took her tired hand
to hold for one last time.
The years had fin’lly pressed her to
her final breaths of life.

Their wrinkled hands in warm embrace
brought back the long-gone years,
The memories of their happy times,
and those dissolved in tears.

The old man saw in her ill frame
the girl that stole his heart.
He saw in her that gracious gaze
that filled their home with warmth.

His mind turned back to lighter days
when she did make her mark,
The children her love reared for them,
Her single heart for God.

He also felt the weight of grace
that marked her many years,
How she had borne him patiently
when he did cause the tears.

The old man said, “My love, the time
was cruelly short to me.
I cannot say goodbye to you
and let your passing be.”

“How can I ever say farewell
or ever let you part?
You are my only precious thing,
the joy of my old heart.”

And as his eyes began to well,
she reached to touch his face.
And then her quivering voice began
to give one final grace.

This is the day the Lord has made,
The one He’s brought to pass.
This day was written in His book
before my first was past.”

“The Lord has granted us to spend
together all these years.
He’s also granted all the joy
and even all our tears.”

“And though this is a bitter day,
we owe Him so much thanks.
Dear, we made it! By Him we did!
Yes, we made it! By grace!”

Oh Father, grant that we may see
our days as at their end.
Oh let us know the weight of grace
in every year we spend.

We make this prayer unto You,
for there is no one higher.
This testimony of Your grace
we desperately desire!


  • Steve Hayes

    Happy Anniversary, Denny. Maintaining a healthy marriage is no small thing in this age. I praise God for this milestone in your life and look forward with hope to reports of your continued happiness.

  • Larry Geiger

    I think that looking to the future, and to the end of things, together, is important for a couple. My wife and I picture ourselves sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs looking at photo albums (my wife likes to create albums). It helps to fix in our minds that we intend to be together to the end. Thanks for the poetry.

  • Derek

    Happy anniversary to you two kids. I can’t believe its been ten years. I was honored to be a part of your day.


  • Jill Hamilton

    I definitely agree, Denny, that your wife is the loveliest on the planet. How precious she is! And how moving is your poem. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!

  • Denny Burk

    Thanks, all, for the well-wishes. We appreciate it very much!

    Derek, yes, you were a part of it, and I am so grateful that you were. I just posted a picture of you with our wedding party on my Facebook page. You’ll have to go check it out!

  • Hoodlum

    Ahhhh. 10 years ago today…one of my fondest “Denny” memories.

    We were finally able to extract revenge for all those times you started up that Sentra in the middle of August (when it was over 120 degrees inside the car) with the heater running full blast until someone (typically Rafe) started to ask “what’s wrong with the a/c in this stupid car?”. How many of those styrofoam peanuts did we end up melting in your car as you guys escaped for the honeymoon?

    The only regret is that sweet Susan had to suffer (you had to act all chivalrous and put her in the car first). Just goes to show that your sin not only affects you, but also those you love. 😛

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Denny Burk

    Stephen, you knuckleheads put those styrofoam peanuts in there without any thought about the longterm impact. We never got rid of those things. Years later they were still falling out of the corners and crevices of that car. The AC smelled like styrofoam from then on too.

    The punishment did not fit the crime!

    Great to hear from you, bro!


  • sandra

    Beautiful poem. Of course, our thoughts and prayers for continued blessings on your marriage are ever present. You are both very blessed to have each other…two very special people. Love you both

  • Bobby


    Happy Anniversary to you and my sis. Thanks for being a great husband to her. We couldn’t have asked for a better brother/son-in-law.

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