Mollie Hemingway on Media Bias in Favor of Abortion

Speaking of media bias, Mollie Hemingway catalogues more examples of overtly biased reports about the dust-up between Planned Parenthood and The Komen foundation. She demonstrates just how extensive the bias has been. The examples that she adduces are as appalling as they are astonishing.

One Response to Mollie Hemingway on Media Bias in Favor of Abortion

  1. BDW February 6, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    It’s past time for more to acknowledge that we’re living in an era of advocacy journalism. Neutrality does not exist.

    I’m a Get Religion reader. Hemingway and other contributors have their biases just as folks in other fields (academy, etc.) have their biases. Those biases infect – to some degree or another – the “reporting” of all journalists. GetReligion’s Bible – the AP Stylebook – is not objective. It’s not neutral.

    I think Twitter especially has revealed these “biases.” Twitter has helped reveal these “biases” of journalists who do supposedly attempt to be “objective” in their reporting.

    If you follow a journalist on Twitter who regularly expresses their opinion on various topics, don’t you also read that person’s reporting now in a different light and take into account these other opinions

    Bible scholars such as yourself are “advocates” just like historians are often clearly advocates, writing from a certain perspective. Journalists are advocates too. The media is biased. ALL of the media.

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