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My Favorite Superbowl Ad

There is a deep divide in our country about exactly what it will take to make America great. Our nation’s character is more than the bottom line of its great corporations, but that truth is not communicated very well in this ad. Nevertheless, I appreciate it anyway. I like its optimism and grittiness, and I also like Clint Eastwood. Is it true? I don’t know. You could argue it either way. That being said, this ad strikes a chord because people want it to be true even if it is not. I hope it is.

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  • Christiane

    Detroit paid back its auto loans six years ahead of schedule, hired thousands of new American jobs, and invested two billion dollars around the country.

    Romney has taken credit for this.

    And Denny has posted THE ad we are all talking about, the one of which Rachel Maddow says, ‘Clint Eastwood Wins the Superbowl’ . . .

    Confused yet? πŸ™‚

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