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Mollie Hemingway on Media Bias in Favor of Abortion

Speaking of media bias, Mollie Hemingway catalogues more examples of overtly biased reports about the dust-up between Planned Parenthood and The Komen foundation. She demonstrates just how extensive the bias has been. The examples that she adduces are as appalling as they are astonishing.

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  • BDW

    It’s past time for more to acknowledge that we’re living in an era of advocacy journalism. Neutrality does not exist.

    I’m a Get Religion reader. Hemingway and other contributors have their biases just as folks in other fields (academy, etc.) have their biases. Those biases infect – to some degree or another – the “reporting” of all journalists. GetReligion’s Bible – the AP Stylebook – is not objective. It’s not neutral.

    I think Twitter especially has revealed these “biases.” Twitter has helped reveal these “biases” of journalists who do supposedly attempt to be “objective” in their reporting.

    If you follow a journalist on Twitter who regularly expresses their opinion on various topics, don’t you also read that person’s reporting now in a different light and take into account these other opinions

    Bible scholars such as yourself are “advocates” just like historians are often clearly advocates, writing from a certain perspective. Journalists are advocates too. The media is biased. ALL of the media.

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