Why Are the Pacifists So Passive?

Lynn Chu and John Yoo give a sober assessment of President Bush’s proposed troop surge in Iraq.

With power comes responsibility. The truth is that this Congress is not sure what to do in Iraq. Its hesitation reflects America’s uncertainty and divisions. Antiwar bluster is high at the moment, echoing popular frustration and grim news from Baghdad.

Our elected representatives know, however, that policy can’t be made by poll. Most also understand that that leaving Iraq to a sectarian power struggle would break our word and lead to slaughter. A failed state in Iraq would breed more terrorism, not less, by becoming a haven for more radical training camps. . .

Perhaps it was inevitable that the public would soon tire of war and engage in overheated accusations of bad faith. It is quite right that Congress review, and consider, from its unique perspective, what changes, if any, it now wants to make. If Congress really believes the Bush administration has set us on the wrong course, it can act tomorrow to cut the sinews of war in Iraq. But its failure to do so seems an acknowledgment that the consequences would be far worse than what we face now.

“Why Are the Pacifists So Passive?” – New York Times Op-Ed

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  • Don

    The real fact is, of 535 members of congrss there are maybe, just maybe 80 that are worth thier weight. The others are gut-less wonders who are only worried about their power and Next election. This up-coming debate is utter nonsense. The lack of clear leadership from Both parties is why we are in the boat we are in. The real issues in Iraq are very complex, read Bing West’s Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal or his book “No True Glory” and you can understand better the problems that are real. He is not a politician but a retired Marine officer who has been there over ten times. Not in the Green zone but out with Marines in the field.
    I do agree congress could cut the funding, but no one in congress has the guts to do that. Where is the vote on a resolution for Victory. Don’t hold your breath.

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