Well, I’m just sick.

LSU laid an egg tonight as they lost to Arkansas 50-48 in the third overtime. Some thoughts.

1. Poor execution. In the first qaurter, the LSU offense got into the red zone twice, but failed to make touchdowns. Instead of 14 points, they settled for 6. National championship teams should be able to close that deal by this point in the season. LSU didn’t.

2. Idiotic play-calling. Bad play-calls at critical times have bedeviled the Tigers for too long. Just one example should suffice. LSU had a chance to win with their defense tonight in the first overtime. It was 4th and 10, and Arkansas was obviously going to throw. You would expect that the coaches would either put a lot of pressure on the quarterback or that they would have everyone in coverage. But no. Instead they decided to put no pressure on the quarterback and had a total breakdown in the secondary. Unbelievable.

3. Championship Caliber. LSU has been winning some squeakers lately. A few of the games they won, they just barely won. Coming into this game, they did not look like what a national championship team should be looking like at this point in the season. I think they would have had a tough time winning the whole enchilada even if they had beat the Hogs tonight.

4. Link to the Dallas Cowboys. Up until tonight, my theory has been that the fortunes of the LSU Tigers have been mystically linked to the Dallas Cowboys. (No, I’m not superstititious. This is just for fun.) LSU and the Cowboys had a Bye in their schedule on the same weekend, October 27 and 28. The Tigers and the Cowboys were undefeated until the weekend of October 13. The Tigers lost to Kentucky, and the Cowboys lost to the Pats. When the Cowboys blew out the Jets yesterday, I was hopeful that it was a portent of good things to come for the Tigers. So much for that theory! πŸ™‚

5. Les Miles. I think that sorry sucker is going to Michigan. Think he took his eye off the ball?

Okay, enough for now. I need to go sulk some more.

P. S. Jim, please save all gloating and “sooey, pigs” remarks for your own blog. We don’t need any of that here.

P. P. S. On second thought, we don’t need it on your blog either.


  • Jim Hamilton











    What a game! McFaddin should win the Heisman.

    Thanks to the Tigers for getting him back into the race,


  • Kevin Larson


    I’m just thankful that you’ve paved the road for my team to be #1 and play for the title (although, if we win our last two games, we likely would have played you anyway).

    Jim, CHASE DANIEL for Heisman…

  • Don

    Denny, Sorry for the tough loss.. I like LSU but too many games like that, you can’t win them all. Poor first half let the game stay close too long. All this talk of a great “D” I just don’t see it. tHEY HAVE THEM 4TH AND 10 IN 2ND OT and they send No LB’s to force a quick throw.. I don’t think they sent anyone the whole game… Bad D calling. I was pulling for you guys since I think ohio state will worm their way in..SEC is the toughest conf. for sure. That’s comming from a Big Ten fan {Michigan} If Miles goes to Michigan who does LSU grab ?

  • Don

    Denny, All your above listed points were right on by the way.. LSU made a terrible call on a 4th down {last drive} a swing pass that worked but looked suspect.. Don’t think Miles took eye off the ball, his stock may have gone down a bit.. Also very poor clock mangement at the end of reg. Left time for AK. to get last shot. Let’s face it however. Those 2 penalties on the TD drive {Hester} may have locked the game up if it counted. That holding call on a 20 yard pass play was terrible and killed the drive. If they score after the Hester TD pass that would have crushed AK. That’s football.

  • Matt Harmon


    As a die-hard Buckeye fan, I can sympathize with you while at the same time enjoying the fact that OSU has almost snuck back into the title game (just need a loss from WVU or the winner of KU v. Mizzou). And as I said to you at IBR, Les Miles is not as good a coach as people think and he will cost his team a game. Now I just hope he does head to Michigan so OSU’s dominance over them can continue.


  • Micah

    What I’m mostly disappointed with is the combination of Flynn’s weak arm and the WRs inability to run routes and open up the field. We haven’t had a downfield passing threat at any point this year. Denny, if I can put a positive spin on your sour mood then consider this: it has taken two Heisman candidates triple-overtime efforts to beat the Tigers this year. Maybe not what we desired, but definitely not a weak team.

    Don, good point about the lackluster defense. The LBs are underachieving and the nickelback (McCray) is always missing the read and out of position. I don’t know why he isn’t pulled in favor of the obviously better freshman Jones. And who does LSU bring in to coach next year? I don’t know.

    Miles, his warts aside, he is a tough leader that seems to will his team along. I can’t fault him for wanting to coach his alma mater, he should. Indeed, if he stays then he’s basically committed to LSU as his career job. Unless he wants to move the NFL, I don’t see what job he could desire if it’s not this job or his alma mater.

    Missouri is looking good, but I don’t think they can beat Oklahoma and the outstanding Sam Bradford. I like OU as much as any other team in the nation. LSU has executed poorly in most games this year and I can’t fault WVU and OSU if they meet in the championship game, but I won’t be excited to watch that game because I can’t think of any scenario better than pitting Mizzou, OU, WVU, OSU, USC, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and a few other lucky teams in a short playoff.

    I’d even let the Rainbow Warriors show up and lose in the first round.

  • Don

    Micah, Thanks, I agree with your overview. I hoped Dan was kidding when he said Bo pelini for Neb. I did not like the way he ran LSU’s D and before that Neb. This AM read he is one of guys considered for the job. As for Miles, I don’t get these guys to be honest. If you like LSU, like the area, and your family likes it why leave? I know he is a former player at MU and coached there twice but what about the other factors? He will have to take over yes a great program but must be able to recurit and WIN….He has done it at LSU and Okie state… As a Michigan fan I am in the middle on him.

    I hope Misszou can beat OU and play WVU for the big-one. OU beat them once but it is now a different team.
    Gunny: AM played awesome

  • debbie

    As I might be a Texas Longhorn fan, I was glad A & M beat em. I’m partial to Aggies over the longhorns due to the fact that my quarterback for my high school played at A&M a few years ago.

  • Micah

    Ivan Maisel writes: If Missouri and West Virginia both lose on Saturday, then don your armor and prepare for battle. Ohio State, with only one loss has a firm claim on the first position. After that, however, the argument will be long and loud.

    Choose your favorite two-loss team, but you may only pick one: Georgia is 10-2 and tied for the SEC East but didn’t qualify for the conference championship game. LSU, with a victory over Tennessee on Saturday in the SEC title game, will be 11-2 with two triple-overtime losses. The ACC champion, Boston College or Virginia Tech, will be 11-2. Oklahoma would be 11-2. And suddenly resurgent USC is a victory away from being 10-2.

    Man, this season has been fun.

    But not as fun as a playoff, I would like to add

  • Steve Hayes

    Miles will not go to Michigan. Mark my words. Lloyd Carr is in charge of finding his replacement, and he doesn’t like Miles. Miles left his staff and took a lateral move to OK St. Carr thinks he is disloyal. Carr also has problems with the way Miles recruits. They had a big battle over Jai Eugene (LSU DB), and Carr thought Miles showed no scruples in his recruiting tactics. Miles wants the job, but Michigan won’t offer.

    LSU has already offered Miles a contract, but he hasn’t taken it yet. It probably won’t be on the table for long, so Miles better make a decision soon.

    Your Inside Source for LSU Football,
    Steve Hayes

  • Don

    Steve, That is very interesting.. I know a RB from Texas signed at Michigan but had LSU as one of his final picks. {Mcguffie} I know a wrestling coach at Michigan and he told me it was a lock for Miles. But you never know. Thanks Steve.Leaving MU for Okie state is not a lateral move. He went to be a Head coach. Carr might not have liked it but asst. coach want to be head coach.

  • A Student of Dr. Hamiltons

    Dr. Burke,

    For the record, Dr. Hamilton has repeatedly told his classes that they should not spend their time watching football.

    1. How did Dr. Hamilton know they won? Surely he didn’t ‘waste’ his time watching a mindless football game.

    2. Why should he care…doesn’t he have another book to read? :0

    Perhaps they should not be spent gloating over wins either? What would be the Hebrew for Soooowiiee?

  • Steve Hayes


    When Miles first left Carr’s staff for Okie St, he left for an assistant coaching job, not the head coaching gig. It was a lateral move, and the Michigan brass viewed it as disloyal. Miles later became head coach at OK St. Just a clarification.

  • Don

    Steve, Thanks, did not know that. If your right and Carr will have some say Miles will be out. AS a MU fan I hope they can get away from the total conservative offense they run. I sit and watch games and see the formation and call just about every play. If the QB makes a bad throw early that’s it no pass plays over 7 yards. Thrid and 6, 4 yard pass . They have wide outs second to none and Never get the most out of them.

  • Don

    Can’t agree with that Micah. I’m talking about years and years of Michigan QB’s.Henne was a very good MU QB. They tied Tom Brady up for the most part..Even in 1997 when they won they were very conservative

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