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Was Chris Broussard right?

Tony Reinke recently asked John Piper the question, “Was Chris Broussard right?” This question comes in the wake of Broussard’s very public comments about Jason Collins’ homosexuality. Download Piper’s response here or listen below.


(HT: Tony Reinke)


  • Lauren Law

    Excellent response…loving…truthful…rightfully dividing the Word of God. Thank you, Pastor Piper! (and thank you, Denny Burk for keeping us informed). Some soul-searching to do now…is there anything that I cling to in my “humanness” that needs to be turned over completely to God?

  • Adam Winters

    People might want to sit back and arm-chair quarterback Broussard’s on-the-spot response, but I know myself well enough to admit that I probably would have tried to formulate the least offensive answer possible in hopes of preserving my own job and not risk losing the respect of my friends and peers. LZ Granderson is his friend & co-worker, but he indirectly called him out on his Christianity too. Broussard’s boldness puts man-fearing folks like me to shame.

  • Mary Gray Moser

    I think Broussard’s response was excellent. Piper was right, of course, but Broussard’s answer, which is sufficient, is simpler and shorter, and therefore more likely to be listened to by those who are not yet believers.

  • Nathan Cesal

    Piper is wrong.

    “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus said, “Neither. This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

    Paraphrased from John 9.

  • James Bradshaw

    Tekeny writes: “Those who are not yet believers will no doubt be left scratching their heads at the comparison of homosexuality to theft and arson”

    If you had to choose, who would you rather invite to dinner: Ellen Degeneres or Ted Kaczynski?

  • James Bradshaw

    To be honest I didn’t find Broussard’s comments all that bothersome, even as a gay man. So he thinks homosexuality is sinful. He also said the same about pre-marital sex (although he left out divorce and remarriage). I don’t believe he was insisting that Collins be banned from professional basketball. He’s entitled to his opinion, disagree with it though I may.

    At the same time, neither Piper nor Broussard have the capacity to truly know who is and who is not a “true Christian”. Even if you acknowledge that homosexuality is sinful, there are folks in good standing within orthodox Christian history whose sins were far more malicious and far-reaching. I don’t even try to assert that the folks of Westboro aren’t “true Christians”. I’m not a mind reader and thus can’t ascertain anyone’s sincerity of devotion.

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