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Update on Tommy Nelson’s Heart Attack

Charles Stolfus is the Executive Pastor of Denton Bible Church. He just sent me a letter addressed to members and friends of DBC and has given permission for me to reproduce it here. This is the latest update on Pastor Nelson’s progress, released just about 30 minutes ago.

Good Afternoon Everyone

I just returned from the hospital and wanted to give everyone an update on Tom’s condition. Most of the Elders as well as several of the pastoral staff were there in prayer and in support of Teresa and her family. Tom was in good spirits even though a little groggy from the medicine he is receiving.

The details in the previous messages have been confirmed by the latest tests and doctor’s briefings. Tom had a heart attack this morning about 10:15 am here at church in his office. He was taken to Denton Regional Hospital where he underwent a procedure that placed a stint in one of his arteries that was 100% blocked. The insertion of the stint was successful in restoring blood flow to that portion of his heart. He is recovering well from the procedure and is expected to make a full recovery.

We are rejoicing in the obvious hand of God in all of the circumstances surrounding Tom’s heart attack and the excellent care he has received. We thank the Lord for

  1. The fact that David Boots (not “Dennis” as I mentioned in my previous e-mail; that’s his dad) was present and able to assess the situation with skill and professionalism;
  2. The rapid response of the Denton Fire Department and Emergency response team;
  3. The ambulance team that took him to the hospital;
  4. The excellent care he has received from the Doctors and nurses at Denton Regional Hospital;and
  5. We are also thanking God that it took only 27 minutes from the time the 911 call was made until Tom was at the hospital and undergoing the procedure to insert the stint in his artery. We have been told that this was critical in the positive outcome we have seen.

Many prayers have been offered up throughout this whole ordeal. The Lord has heard our prayers. DBC staff and Elders have literally been contacted by concerned friends from around the world. Tom and Teresa are grateful for everyone’s prayers and expressions of love and concern.

We will continue to pray for Tom as he recuperates in the hospital. He should be there for approximately 72 hours and then he should be able to come home. Let’s also pray for Tom’s wife Teresa as well as their sons Ben (and his wife Amanda) and John Clark (and his wife Jenni).

We serve and worship a living God.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Executive Pastor


  • Kenneth Ross

    I’ve worshipped at DBC a couple of times when in the DFW area (good friends, Fred & Coral Toleman and their family worship there). Also attended the early morning men’s Bible study. I’ve always been blessed by Tom’s preaching, and will be praying for his full restoration to health, strength and ministry.

    Kenneth Ross, Pastor, New Prestwick Baotist Church, Scotland.

  • Brian Krieger

    For any who didn’t know, Tom was discharged yesterday. An update from the DBC website:

    As followup tests and doctors’ briefings have been conducted we have a received a clearer understanding now of both the seriousness of Tom’s heart attack and the extent of God’s providential and special grace throughout these past several days. The cardiologist confirmed that Tom had a very, very serious heart attack and yet he has also indicated that Tom’s heart has no damage. Read that again, “No damage to the heart.” This is extraordinary. This is a testimony to God’s miraculous provision throughout these last few days. Praise the Lord.

    DBC Update

  • Patrick Melancon

    My family and I are greatly indebted to Tommy and Teresa’s ministry. We listen to his messages as a family many different times each week.

    – from Thailand.

  • Roni Forshee

    Praise God for His protection and oversight of His faithful servant, Tommy Nelson. We serve an awesome God! Tommy, you and your entire family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Your ministry has been instrumental in my life.

    Roni Forshee
    DivorceCare Facilitator
    Tipp City, OH

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