Update from SBTS: Aslan is on the Move

It looked like C. S. Lewis’ White Witch had landed on the campus of Southern Seminary this week, bringing destruction in her wake. But Aslan is on the move. Dr. Mohler returned from being out of the country last night, and sunny skies are beginning to melt the ice and snow that you see in the video above. Even though most of the campus still has no power, our students are well-taken care of, and our spirits are high.


  • Brian Krieger

    It almost pains me to write this, Denny, but back here in Big D it was nearly 70 degrees, sunny and absolutely spectacular the last three days. Wait, after typing it, I take it back. That really wasn’t even close to painful to write. Oh, well. Glad y’all are out (getting out) of the cold. I enjoyed Dr. Moore and the country music he brought to the show :-).

  • Larry Thompson

    Cool video and music. You are very creative. We had ice back here in your old DFW haunts, but no snow. After about 12 hours of ice, it melted, the sun came out, and poof! the weather was mild again. It almost makes you think Aslan took a detour via DFW before returning to the Holy Land of Louisville. Godspeed.

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