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Unspeakable Abortion Tragedy

I read an unspeakably tragic story today in the BBC News (click here to read it). It’s about a 16 year old girl who tried to abort her twins early in her pregnancy. Later in the pregnancy, she found out that one of them survived the procedure.

Now, the surviving twin is four years old, and the mother is suing the hospital because “she suffers an impediment in her ability to obtain employment in consequence of her care for the child.”

Consider these lines from the mother and weep: “I still don’t know if, or what, I am going to tell Jayde when the time comes. Maybe when she is nine or 10 I will sit her down and explain it to her.”

As my wife completes her seventh month of pregnancy before the delivery of our first child, tragic stories like these take on a new poignancy. It just takes your breath away that this story could possibly be true.


(HT: Justin Taylor)

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  • sally

    Hey Denny,

    I’m a frequent lurker of your blog (most of it I admittedly don’t understand!), but this is my first time to post.

    You should know that this topic strikes a huge nerve with me. After seeing my own twins wiggling, breathing, and grasping my finger 14 weeks before much of society would have considered them “alive”, I am disgusted by any reference to abortion and the right to choose. This woman has a child that she didn’t intend to have, and she’s trying to blame the hospital??? What a tragedy that her daughter will one day know that she was unwanted and her own mother attempted to end her life. However, this tragedy is now compounded with the publishing of this story so that all of her community and the child’s classmates also know that she was unwanted and is now considered a “financial burden”. You have to wonder what this child’s homelife is like if her mother feels so strongly about her being alive that she would seek legal action for damages. Many people who are unable to have children would not find this child a burden but a blessing and would gladly take her in as their own…which might be a happy ending to this story.

    I actually know a girl who is the surviving twin of an unsuccessful abortion. She was put up for adoption and raised by wonderful, loving, Christian parents. She is eighteen now and a beautiful, extremely talented girl. She forgave her birth mother and had a relationship with her until the mother died a few years ago.

    On a lighter note, we miss y’all and wish we could see y’all again soon. We always enjoy hanging out with you (and staying up entirely too late). Jay finally got dunked a couple of weeks ago, so he’s officially a back-row Baptist now. Looking forward to the arrival of your little Burkita or Burkito. I’m dying to know what it is!!! Will you at least let me do the old voo-doo wedding ring trick to see what you’re having??? I promise I will keep the result to myself! 🙂

    Have a great week!

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