• The Seeking Disciple

    I am not fully convinced that Lincoln was an abolitionist as historians now paint him as. He was silent on the issue for most of his life and, to me, Lincoln only adopted a view of freeing the slaves when his hand was forced to. No doubt history remembers him for passing the Emancipation of slaves but I believe this was a political move rather than personal.

  • Don Johnson

    I think Lincoln was a Unionist and did everything he did to preserve the Union. This included the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves in some states, the ones still in rebellion.

  • donsands

    Looks like a classic film already. Look forward to seeing this. I also think Daniel Day-Lewis is an exceptional artist in this field. Loved him in ‘Last of the Mohicans’. Thanks for posting this.

    have a joy-filled Lord’s day brother! We are one day closer to our Savior’s return! And when we’ve been there 10,000 years…..

  • Kelley Kimble

    For what it’s worth, I picked up a book in the Indianapolis airport yesterday that included a brief chapter on the Lincoln family. The book is titled, “It Happened In Indiana.” According to the book, Lincoln’s parents moved from Kentucky to Indiana for several reasons, one of them being that Indiana was not a slave state. It appears that his parents were opposed to slavery. I thought it interesting that this subject came up today. I am convinced that Lincoln was a very complex man whose views on many things changed during the course of his life.

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