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Mormonism and the 2012 Presidential Election

Albert Mohler hosted a panel discussion in Southern Seminary’s chapel yesterday about “The Mormon Moment? Religious Conviction and the 2012 Election.” Panelists included Russell Moore, Mark Coppenger, and Greg Gilbert. It’s an interesting conversation. In short, the speakers agree that Mormonism is a serious heresy that is not in any way Christian—even though sociologically there is much to commend about the way Mormons live. Panelists also seemed to agree that a candidate is not disqualified from our vote simply because he is Mormon. There’s much more to this discussion, and you can watch it above.


  • Steve Martin

    I think it would be a great thing if a Mormon won the Presidency.

    The left wing media will run hit piecer after hit piece on Mormonism and expose the ridiculous, unChristian doctrine in an attempt to discredit Romney.

    And, in the meantime, we would not have Obama dragging this country further downward.

  • Bill Griffin

    Without watching the discussion the funny thing about Mormonism, to me at least, is that it’s what liberalism wants to be and seeks to be without having to subscribe to any religious belief. Minus a few things of course.

  • Reg Schofield

    Its bizarre that a member of a heretical cult , that has no real connection to true Christianity is running for President. It tells me the Republicans had pretty slim pickens for this coming election . As Dr.James White has said , a Muslim has closer ties to Christians than a Mormon. Glad I’m a Canadian because with the choices you have ,I would be looking for a third option. But what can I say , Canada is in a sad state of affairs as well when it comes to voting for a party or leader .

    • Daryl Little


      I agree. When our Prime Minister is a professing Christian who refuses to support a private members bill declaring that a person is a person prior to birth it is somehow easier to look at voting and politics as a civil duty without imagining that Ottawa can save us from anything.

  • Alan Davis

    I am not a Democrat but I would have to ask if the same thing would be said if Romney was a Dem.? Would it then still be OK to vote for a Mormon or would it all of a sudden be a problem. Now I know for some of these men the answer may well be yes. They certainly have proven their integrity and I respect each one.
    However on this matter i digress. I for one, will write in a candidate. And some will say I have wasted my vote, no I have not. God knows that I surly didn’t stand with either of these ENEMY’S of God. Both these men are willfully opposing God. One in the matter of life and marriage the other in …well everything about him since he worships and follows a false God and demeans the true holy God. It is not about winning and losing an election it is about doing what is right according to scripture, I will not align myself with a practicing cultist nor a false christian. The ends never justifies the means.

    I do not know about these men talking but the pastor of 1st Baptist Dallas sure did a flip flop…saying one time, Christians should never vote for a Mormon and now stumping for one…
    This sends the RNC a message; Christians will vote for anything you got as long as they wave 2 banners, the banner of traditional marriage and the banner of pro-life (now you do not have to actually do any thing about either but just wave the banner) The RNC is using the Church as patsies…they will keep giving us unacceptable candidates as long as we keep towing the line.

    Pastor Alan Davis

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