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Tragedy in Minneapolis

About 2,000 feet of a heavily trafficked bridge collapsed in the middle of rush hour today in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As many of you know, John Piper’s Desiring God ministries and Bethlehem Baptist Church are right there in downtown Minneapolis. It turns out that the bridge is only about a mile from the Desiring God office and that folks from Desiring God travel on it often. I just received a note from Abraham Piper, and he says that they are not yet aware of anyone from Desiring God being involved in the tragedy.

Jon Bloom has already written about the bridge collapse over at the Desiring God blog and has asked for prayer: “Pray for those who are injured and for families of loved ones who have perished. And pray that God will guide us in responding to this tragedy in a way that points to the mercy and patience of God the way Jesus did in Luke 13.”


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