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Touchstone Magazine on Human Life

Touchstone - January 2006Touchstone magazine is a staple for the serious Christian reader, and if you are not a regular reader of Touchstone magazine, you should start your subscription today (click here to order). The January 2007 issue is about human life, and it is outstanding. Here is an excerpt from Patrick Henry Reardon’s excellent editorial:

“Because ours is a journal ecumenical in structure, we are rarely apodictic in our views of public matters. In general, we have endeavored to be more Socratic than prophetic. Most of the subjects encompassed by our interest, after all, are open to more than one legitimate approach. . .

“With respect to abortion, however, the strictures imposed on the Christian conscience are necessarily decisive and severe. There are no circumstances that justify the deliberate, direct, intentional taking of an innocent human life, including the life of the child still carried in the womb.

“Indeed, Holy Scripture obliges us to address this question with absolute clarity and, as charity permits, a certain measure of rhetorical force. Because the accumulated wisdom of humanity testifies that the most elementary duty of the state is to safeguard the lives of its unoffending citizens–and because we believe the righteous judgment of God will lie heavy on the nation that neglects to do so–we continue to exhort our fellow countrymen to give heed to the clarion voice of conscience in this matter of abortion. . .

“With respect to abortion, . . . we are convinced that there cannot exist, among Christian minds, more than one legitimate position, either in moral theory or in political application. Only rarely should a journal of ecumenical discussion venture into the realm of prophecy and apocalyptic caution, but the matter of abortion is such an instance.

“For this reason the editors of Touchstone join our modest voice to the ringing challenge that Elijah, nearly three thousand years ago, hurled against his compatriots who were complicit in baby-killing Baalism: ‘How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him.’

“We anticipate no unseemly ‘halting’ in the anti-abortion marches this year, and we ask our brothers who have halted between two opinions–for there are believing Christians who have found reasons (by necessity bad ones) to mute their voices here–to follow the Lord God. The brutal murder of the most innocent and helpless among us, the unborn children, is not a point on which we are permitted either compromise or silence.”

Like I said, if you are not a subscriber, you should sign up today. If you request it, Touchstone will give you a trial subscription for only $10. I think if you sign up today, you’ll be glad you did.


  • Ken Abbott

    Is Mr. Reardon behaving himself better these days? Once upon a time, I suscribed to Touchstone, but “neglected” to renew after suffering through one too many of Mr. Reardon’s snide anti-Reformed comments. Seemed to me that in the great ecumenical Animal Farm that is Touchstone some animals were more equal than others and Reformed Christians were definitely not counted amongst the pigs…

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