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Destroying the Healthy Bodies of Minor Children

Matt Walsh has posted a thread on Twitter that is currently going viral. It features videos from the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt in Nashville. You need to watch these videos to understand just how disturbing the treatment of gender-confused children really is.

The videos reveal that the doctors are performing gender “affirmation” surgeries on children because it’s a “big money maker.” According to Vanderbilt, surgeries removing children’s healthy sexual organs are lucrative because they require a lot of “follow ups.” Which is another way of saying that cutting off healthy organs often results in life-altering, long-term, painful complications. That’s why “follow-ups” are required. But it’s a big “money maker” for the doctors, so no problem as far as they are concerned.

The videos also reveal that Vanderbilt has warned medical providers not to have any conscientious objections. Any medical provider raising religious objections to sterilizing and mutilating children will be deemed “problematic” and will face “consequences.” Vanderbilt also has partnered with a group of transgender activists who will police medical providers to make sure that they don’t step out of line.

I am going to post the videos below so that you can see them all. As you do, keep in mind that what you are seeing has been going on for years. You are seeing what is called “gender affirming healthcare.” It is not based on science but on transgender ideology and propaganda. If you bring your gender-confused child to one of these clinics, they will put your child on the path to destroying their fertility, to mutilating their sexual organs, and to a hundred other long-term physical problems due to suppressing puberty, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

So-called “gender affirming healthcare” is a nightmare, and it is claiming the lives and health of children across this country. But you aren’t going to hear this from the mainstream media. They are suppressing the truth about the giant medical experiment that “gender affirming healthcare” runs on children from coast to coast. But they are not going to be able to keep the lid on this indefinitely because there is a growing number of “detransitioners” who are becoming adults and telling their sad stories.

Just yesterday, I watched and listened to detransitioner Chloe Cole tell her story of cross-sex hormones and a double-mastectomy. She now grieves the loss of any chance of ever giving birth to children. Watch the whole thing:

This is what so-called “gender affirming care” is all about. They destroy the healthy bodies of minor children all in service of a bankrupt, activist ideology. The ideologues at the clinics browbeat parents into consenting to all of this by telling them if they don’t go through with “treatments,” then their child will kill themselves: “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?” It is the darkest and most insidious manipulation imaginable, and it is literally happening in gender clinics across the country as you are reading this.

One of the most distressing aspects of this whole thing is that the ideologues want to do all of this against the wishes of parents if need be. I just visited with a school teacher in California last month. He had just finished his teacher in-service training for the new school year. Administrators instructed all teachers that they must go along with the gender transitions of their students. That means using their preferred pronouns and transgender names and allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice. The state also requires teachers to conceal a child’s transition from his parents. If a teacher ever talks to a parent, he has to use the child’s birthname and pronouns to conceal from the parents what their child is doing at school. This teacher told me that refusal to keep the parents in the dark can result in a teacher losing his teaching license.

Make no mistake. If parents get in the way of a child’s transition, transgender ideologues have no problem whatsoever with cutting parents out of the equation.

We have to look this thig full-on in the face because children’s lives are at stake. Sacrificing the healthy bodies of minor children on the altar of transgender ideology is simply unconscionable. This must end.